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M series - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

HOT RUNNER TEMPERATURE CONTROLS Series 30U cabinet (192 zones max.) 4U cabinet (24 zones max.) 4U cabinet (8 zones max.) The M series of controllers was specifically designed for applications with a higher number of control zones within the mold With a combination of 5A, 15A, 16/20A and 30A power control cards, the M series can be used for any number of applications, especially in the automotive, packaging, cosmetic, and medical industries Mold Temperature Control Valve gate Controls Production Monitoring Parc Industriel Sud - Groissiat F - 01100 OYONNAX Tel (33) Fax (33) e-mail sise@sise.fr SérieM inclinable_A3_uk.Indd web: www.sise.fr

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HOT RUNNER TEMPERATURE CONTROLS GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS l From l 5A, 15A compact power module (NEW), 16/20A or 30A per zone optional color touchscreen Optional touch screen interface (standard if over 120 zones) Small footprint Internal modular concept Permanent self tuning control (*) 2 adjustable setpoint values Display of % power and load current per zone (Amps) High and Low Alarm (adjustable per zone, output on relay) Broken thermocouple (Display THC) Inverted thermocouple (Display THI) Automatic and Manual modes Zone Designation (8 digits max.) : MANIF1, SPRUE, TIP26 Zoom in on 1 or more zones Keyboard...

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HOT RUNNER TEMPERATURE CONTROLS TOUCHSCREENS (OPTION) MOLD Analysis l WITH MOLDSCAN, EASIER MOLD MAINTENANCE ! Moldscan relays critical Mold data : 4 Electrical power in Watts for each mold heating element 4 Resistance value in Ohms for each mold heating element 4 Thermocouple presence, zone by zone Moldscan saves all of this information in a reference file. During run up to production, Moldscan analyzes measured and saved values on a zone by zone basis. (10% tolerance) If there are differences found, Moldscan points out the origin of the problem : 4 Thermocouple State 4 Installed electric power...

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- HOT RUNNER TEMPERATURE CONTROLS NEW 5.L5.E. INTERFACE TECHNOLOGY (OPTION) f^ekJ^ Analysis Page Zone Settings Page STANDARD INTERFACE "™" I J R itdMi || worm |p^"~" Single Zone Moldscan Analysis Page Mold Temperature Control Valve gate Controls Production Monitoring Pare Industriel Sud - Groissiat e-mail sise@sise.fr

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