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BCM8001 Line Card for BC8002 Advanced Control Unit

The BCM8001 is the line card connecting BDS field devices

i Each BCM8001 can connect 4 loops; each loop can connect up to

127 devices.

i Overload protection: recovers to normal status when the cause of

overload disappears.

i B-Bus address is set with a DIP-switch on the board.

Number of loops

Number of addresses

Max. load factor

Wiring Capacity

Max. distance per line

Resistor per line

Capacitor per line


Connectable field devices

Operating voltage

Quiescent current

Data sheet

127 (on one loop)

150 (for each loop)

RVS1.0... RVS1.5

1000 m


£300 nF

Short protection

Over voltage protection

BDS Series

Modulated 16... 32 VDC

Full load: 200 mA

No Load: 110 mA



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BC80 system catalog
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