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 Microprocessor controller aimed for the safe management of single or multi-mains with automatic transfer switch capability.  MC100 is recommended for those power plants requiring the management of the MCB (Mains Circuit Breaker) and MGCB (Master Gensets Circuit Breaker), like: MSB + MSTP (Multiple Stand-by + Multiple Short Time Parallel) MPtM (Multiple Parallel to Mains) MSB + MPtM (Multiple Stand-by + Multiple Parallel to Mains)  MC100 is designed to synchronize multiple gensets equipped with SICES Controllers with single or multiple Mains/Grids, controlling the transfer of the load (SOFT LOAD TRANSFER) between the Mains and the Gensets to provide NO-BREAK on the load .  Multiple generators can be automatically started/stopped by MC100 upon Mains Failure.  MC100 is able to carry out MCB and MGCB common bus synchronization.  MC100 includes a Load Management logic that overlaps the Load Management integrated into SICES genset controllers.  Easy solution even for complex systems with less wiring and components  Loss of Mains protection  Gensets automatic activation/deactivation  Configurable logics  Common bus synchronization  Italian design  LOAD SHEDDING function with 4 steps available.  Centralized management of the BASE LOAD REFERENCE.  IMPORT/EXPORT power control.  Management of the POWER FACTOR.  MC100 can be used with an extended range of SICES controllers like: DST4602Evolution, DST4602, GC600, GC500Plus, GC500, DST4601/PX for paralleling/ synchronizing application

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MC100 is a powerful controller studied for synchro/ parallel applications including multiple gensets operating in parallel to the Mains/Grid. MC100 is able to control MCB (Mains Circuit Breaker) and MGCB (Master Gensets Circuit Breaker), allowing the transfer of the load between the Mains and the Gensets to provide NO-BREAK on the load (REVERSE SYNCHRONIZATION & SOFT LOAD TRANSFER). The restyling of MC100 offers two separated push buttons for the manual management of the MCB and MGCB. In addition the new graphic is in conformity with the new range of controllers powered by SICES. Several functions...

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MCB management MGCB management Contemporary synchronization of many gen sets on MCB Contemporary synchronization of many gen sets on MGCB Voltage matching in synchronizing operation Automatic Load sharing (automatic start and stop) AMF mode in case of stand by generators Load shedding (it’s possible to set many thresholds in base of the nominal power available on the bus. In case of that threshold is exceeded in island mode operation, not privileged loads are enabled). Import/Export for MPtM (Multiple Parallel to Mains) plants. Base load management for MPtM (Multiple Parallel to Mains) plants....

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Empowering your control • Multiple Mains & Multiple Gensets Societa Italiana Costruzioni Elettriche Sumirago 21040 - Jerago con Orago (VA) ITALY

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