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GC250 A.M.F. Single Genset Controller • • 3 Analogue Inputs + 1 Extra Analogue Input (instead of a digital Input) + 1 for D+ 4 Configurable Digital Output + 2 Digital output 10A Interface for MPU and J1939 engines as standard USB serial port for configuration and FW update Large LCD display 128x64 with LED backlight and ICONES IP65 as protection degree with gasket always included as standard Periodical test • Italian design 4 Configurable Digital Inputs True RMS measurements: kW, kVA, kVAr, pf, kWh (phase & total) • User friendly, intuitive and 3 Phase generator sensing 3 Phase mains (utility) sensing • Attractive price NEW AUTO-START and AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) controller for single gensets Data logger: 64 Events log (64 slow trend and 42 fast trend) Remote start and stop Embedded alarm horn

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General info GC250 is the newest controller made by SICES for single stand-by gensets. The same controller can be used also for AUTO START applications. Despite the compact dimensions, GC250 includes the main engine and alternator protections like the engine speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, frequency, voltage, current, power and fuel level. In addition the same controller can be used for electronic engines with CAN interface J1939 protocol and MPU engines (non-electronic) as well. Configuring the inputs, outputs and protections, GC250 can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of applications....

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