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Empowering your control Synchro/Parallel control panel in modular version for gensets up to lOOOkVA EftSy-Synchro is an electric control panel in modular version aimed for the management of Generator Sets running in Synchro/Parallel mode. Just one panel to keep in stock able to fit for different type of power plants like: MPM (Multiple Prime Mover) SPtM (Single Parallel to Mains) MPtM (Multiple Parallel to Mains) This solution offers maximum flexibility matching different types of requirements: • Different engine interfaces (Volvo, Perkins, MTU, etc..) • Quick Set Up, using the proper instructions already included! EflSy-Synchro is available with or without motorized circuit breaker. High quality standard Plug&Play control panel Good price level Easy installation

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EASY-Synchro is a smart synchro/parallel panel studied for the management of gensets working in synchro/ parallel applications. The same panel can be used for both emergency and production power systems whose gensets work in island mode or in parallel with the mains. EASY-Synchro is plug&play solution which can be used for several and different gensets having various engine interfaces. Thanks to the quick instructions set-up it’s possible to combined EASY-Synchro to any kind of gensets. EASY-Synchro is in fact studied to offer a smart and flexible solution due to the same panel is able to cover...

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If the emergency mode is selected, the genset is in stand -by, ready to automatically start to run in case of a mains failure. When the mains is restored, the control panel manages the back-synchronization avoiding the second voltage lack. (*) The operation sequence of the genset (if in island mode or in mains parallel) can be easily selected by means the menu of the controller and using a proper selector switch. Mains Voltages: L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1 True RMS measure. Lx-N max. voltage < 300Vac cat. IV Generator Voltages: L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1, True RMS measure. Lx-N max. voltage < 300Vac cat. IV...

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Empowering your control General functions Real time clock calendar: Hour, minute, second, day, month, year (leap year), day Gen set operation can be enabled based on days of the Test operation can be enabled based on days of the Date and time can be remotely adjusted by software. Rechargeable Lithium battery available as standard Fast and Slow trend history log: Fuel pump: Board manages a fuel pump by means an external power relays and by 5 input level signals. Auto and Manual operating mode. Maintenance warning: Board issue a warning when the running hours before Panel Temperature warning: Board...

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