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Parallel applications Three-phases AMF automatic genset controller True RMS readings on generator voltages and currents Additional current measurement for neutral or differential protection Active, Reactive and apparent power measurement 20 fully programmable digital input Up to 12 programmable digital output Up to additional 32 INPUT and 32 OUTPUT by means DITEL DEVICE RS232 interface port with MODBUS RTU protocol Real Time Clock Events and data logging Engine speed measurement by pick -up or W GSM and PSTN modem management DST4601/PX AMF and PARALLEL generator set controller DST4601/PX is the evolution of SICES control cards. it’s an electronic device particularly aimed to parallel application, thanks to its high degree of configuration, it can easily be used in quite all standard and special gen-set applications. Born to manage the last generation of electronic engine, it supports CAN interface toward quite all most popular engines: J1939 protocol for VOLVO, SCANIA, DEUTZ, PERKINS, CAT, IVECO and MTU protocols for MTU engines. A large graphic display, with a resolution of 240x128 pixels, allowed to implement a simple to use operator interface that is able, at the same time, to report an huge number of electrical and engine measures and information. Engine troubleshooting now can be made by textual interface (for example all MTU diagnostic codes are translated in plain English text). DST4601/PX includes an internal Load Sharing unit that allows simple implementation of Parallel to Mains and Multiple Prime Mover applications. Load sharing is made by an additional CAN interface. This bus is also used for Load Management: up to 24 gen-sets can be connected together and share the load, starts and stop automatically depending on the load status. Synchronization, VAR regulation and some parallel protections are accomplished by an additional module: DICHRON. Both CAN interfaces are isolated from the board supply, allowing for high transient immunity and common mode voltages. Via Molinello 8/B 21040 Jerago (VA) Italy Tel 0331 212941 Fax 0331 216102 www.sices.eu E-mail: info@sices.eu DST4601/PX is a full featured device; it integrates on the standard version almost all the required functionality: generator protections, engine protections and monitoring, fuel pump managing, real time clock, serial communication and direct PSTN and GSM modem managing capability (no more special kit, connect the external modem, set the communication parameter and you are ready to work). Ethernet connection is available through the external SICES MODBUS TCP/RTU GATEWAY. The device is designed and built for excellent measures performance. Both generator voltage and current measures are true RMS measures. Fast sampling rate alongside to special calculation algorithms yield good precision, linearity and immunity. Active, reactive and apparent power measure and energy coun

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Operation mode RESET: engine start inhibition, load is forced to be supplied from the Mains. When the engine is running and the selector switch is turned to the 'OFF' position, the engine shutdown sequence is activated. Reset of all alarms. Enable parameters change (programming) Generator Voltages: L1-N, L2-N, L3-N, L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1 True RMS measure. Lx-N max. voltage < 300Vac cat. IV High voltage pulse = 6kV 1.2/50 us Max. measurable voltage = 25.000V (by external TV). Generator Currents: L1, L2, L3, N True RMS measure. Nominal max. current: 5Aac Overload measurable current : 4 x 5Aac (sinusoidal)....

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Embedded functions Real time clock calendar: Hour, minute, second, day, month, year (leap year), day of week. Operating without power for at least 2 days (rechargeable Lithium battery as option for greater autonomy). Gen-set operation can be enabled based on days of the week and time. Test operation can be enabled based on days of the week and time. Date and time can be remotely adjusted by supervisor software. Fast trend history log: 30 record of all measured value plus total powers measure (typical 30 last operating minutes). Slow trend history log: 48 record of all measured value plus total...

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Companion device for DST4601PX controller www.sices.eu DICHRON Module DiChron is a companion device of DST4601/ PX Genset Controller. Connected to DST4601/PX by means SICES proprietary PMCBus (Power Management Communication Bus), it allows, to the Controller, to expand its parallel functions, adding synchronization, voltage matching, cosfi and reactive power regulation, parallel to mains protections (27, 59, 81<, 81>, 81R -ROCOF and vector jump). The Mains and Dead Bus detection functions of DiChron allow to DST4601/PX an advanced management of the circuit breaker, simplifying the external command...

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