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The electric automatic control panel SICES, if combined to a stand-by genset or to a single prime mover genset, allows to have a system that, within a few seconds by the Mains failure detection, starts the engine and manage the Mains/Genset switch, connecting the load to the genset. The control panel is built in a rugged steel sheet carpentry, which is properly processed and subjected to a painting treatment using high resistance epoxy powder. All the control circuits and signalisations are inbuilt in a reliable microprocessor based genset controller model GC315Plus, GC310 or GC350 mounted on the front door. In case of replacement, the controller can be replaced easily even by unskilled personnel. The main difference among GC315Plus, GC310 and GC350 control panel is the number of I/O and the communication systems available. SICES AMF panel is highly customizable according to the customer’s needs. Several auxiliary circuits are availble in order to match every specific request. All internal devices with voltage live are compliant to IEC rules.  High-quality standard  Possibility of customization  Made in

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In case of mains failure, the electric control panel GC315Plus, GC310 or GC350 detects the voltage failure and it starts the stand-by genset. The control panel manage the Mains/Genset switch connecting the load to the genset. During the genset operation, both the engine and the alternator are monitored by the microprocessor controller, which displays any alarms with a text message and stops the genset, if needed. The power circuit, when required, is normally separated in a safe place of the cabinet, in order to protect the service people. Only parts of primary brands are used. The carpentry is...

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The control system includes an easy-to-use, full function operator panel and LED indicators. The keyboard of the microprocessor controller is used to select the different operation modes: Off/Reset, Program, Manual, Automatic. START Engine start push-button STOP Engine stop push-button ACK Acoustic alarm silencing push-button UP/DOWN Push buttons for the display selection Manual Control for changeover switch Emergency stop push-button ARROW keys for the LCD display selection mode, window selection, parameter change, etc.  EXIT, ENTER and SHIFT keys  Fuses on the front for an easy replacement,...

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Empowering your control • N. 1 RS232 MODBUS Serial port (GC315P'"7GC310/GC350) • N.1 RS485 Modbus RTU serial port (GC315P'"7GC350) • N.1 RJ45 ETHERNET Modbus TCP/IP serial port (GC315P'"S) • Direct management modem PSTN and GSM • Rewind as GSM/GPRS/GPS interface • Dance as Ethernet interface • Analogic modem Additional features • Engine diagnostic code • Periodical test • Real Time Clock • Pre glow and coolant heater management • Remote start and stop • Maintenance working • Embedded alarm horn • Password protected access for adjust the operating • Graphic display 70x38mm 128x64 pixel • LCD: transflective...

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