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BC SWITCHING 2,5A-5A - 2 Pages

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SWITCHING BATTERY CHARGER 2,5A - 5A The switching battery charger is a device aimed to be used into electric control panels. It is particularly used for charging and maintaining the lead batteries which are necessary for starting an automatic genset. The battery charger is built using switching technology in order to offer small size and weight added to high efficiency. High efficiency means less dissipated heat and more device service time. The small weight, improves its immunity to vibrations and shocks during transportation and operating using. The battery charger works in current mode up to the end of charge voltage; at this point it begins to operate in voltage mode. It is made to be embedded inside electrical panel and it doesn’t require external additional filter capacitor such as the one used for the battery charger based on controlled rectifier technology. The whole cost of charge system based on this device is very attractive compared to traditional solutions. Its immunity to vibrations and shocks during transportation. MODELS • Battery charger. 2,5A - 24Vdc Switching • Battery charger 5A - 12Vdc Switching • Battery charger5A - 24Vdc Switching

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Electrical features Voltage supply: Current: Internal input protection output: End of charge voltage: Mechanical features Dimension (maximum, mounting flange not included) : Weight: Protection grade: Connection to the grid through screw clamps Connection to the battery through FASTON Device ON status LED signalling Internal fuse opened LED signalling Other features Operating temperature: Storage temperature: Built in conformity to EN61204-3, group 5 class A If required, available tropicalized version for hazardous areas. S.I.C.E.S. SRL Società Italiana Costruzioni Elettriche Sumirago Via Molinello...

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