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ATS Panel for single stand-by genset - 4 Pages

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ATS Panel for single stand-by genset
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Sices ATS control panel is designed for mains/genset transfer switch applications that involve a genset usually equipped with an automatic control panel. The ATS control panel comprises all circuits, devices and controls, which enable the switch between the mains and the genset, in order to supply the load in case of mains failure. The ATS control panel is made with a steel sheet subjected to a painting treatment using high resistance epoxy powder. The power circuit is safety split from the control area in accordance to the main operation rules. The grade protection is IP20 with opened door. With closed door, it is IP40 for the BASIC version and IP54 for the LOGICA version. IP55 is also available on demand.  Double frequency 50/60Hz  BASIC and LOGICA version  From 45A up to 4000A  Attractive price  Used by the greatest genset companies According to the power of the genset, the power circuit is composed by a couple of interlocked contactors (up to 125A included) or by a motorized changeover switch, in both cases 4 poles. In addition, there is a version of ATS with power circuit composed by two automatic, interlocked and motorized circuit breakers. Starting from 160A, SICES ATS Control panels are available in MULTIPLE VOLTAGE and DOUBLE FREQUENCY.  Perfect for Dual Gensets operations  Made in Italy  IS0 9001 certified

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“BASIC” VERSION “LOGICA” VERSION Power Terminal board Mains/ Genset/Load Selector switch Mains – Automatic – 0 – Genset Keyboard with push buttons for the mode/control selection Optical signal with lamp/led to advise the load is supplied by the Mains Optical signal with lamp/led to advise the load is supplied by the Genset Adjustable three-voltage relay Mains and Genset voltage Microprocessor controller Voltmeter for Mains voltage: Phases L1-L2/L2-L3/L1-L3 Mains and Genset frequency meter Battery voltage meter Working hour meter Current transformers for the activation of currents, power and cosfi...

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START Engine start push-button STOP Engine stop push-button ACK Acoustic alarm silencing push-button UP/DOWN push-buttons for the display selection MCB push-button GCB push-button N.4 ARROW keys for LCD display selection mode, window selection, parameter change and other  EXIT and ENTER keys  SHIFT key  Operation panel and LEDs for the signalisation and selection of the operation modes: off/reset/program, manual, automatic, alarms/warnings, aux., mains live, genset live, etc. Mains Voltage L1-N, L2-N, L3-N, L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1 True measure calibrated to RMS. Lx-N max. voltage < 300Vac cat....

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Empowering your control Additional technical features: Supply voltage: 230 400 Vac (others to be specified) Available also multiple voltage version: 220/380/400/440V The electric diagrams are available in double language, Level of protection: IP40 (BASIC version) or IP54 (LOGICA version) • The ATS panel is designed and manufactured in compliance with the ISO9001 certification Societa Italiana Costruzioni Elettriche Sumirago 21040 - Jerago con Orago (VA) ITALY SICES BRASIL LTDA Condommio Empresarial ONIX

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