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Arcnet, Ethernet, Optical Repeaters, T1/E1, & T3/E3 Modems - 33 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

LAN – WAN to Fiber Optic Modems 11/15/11 Stand Alone Bit-Driver® Mini Bit-Driver® Rack Mounted Bit-Driver® USA & International Headquarters 1101 N. Raddant Road Batavia, IL 60510 Phone: (630) 761-3640 Fax: (630) 761-3644 Web Site: http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com ©2011 S.I. Tech, Inc. All Copy and Images

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LAN/WAN PRODUCTS S.I. Tech Inc., Batavia, IL 60510 Phone: (630) 761-3640 Fax: (630) 761-3644 Web Site: http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com

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S.I.TECH LAN/WAN PRODUCTS (Local Area and Wide Area Networks) 1. Ethernet: Office Server IP Video Network Camera 2. 100/1000 Mbps Single mode Ethernet: Fiber Optic 4 Miles (6 Km) Network Switch Network Switch Fiber Optic 4 Miles (6 Km) Ethernet Switch Join 2 Buildings or 2 Networks Fiber Optics T S.I.TECH 9024 Optical Coupler (Up to 24 Ports) Fiber Optics T Up to 1.5 Miles R 2853 S.I. Tech Inc., Batavia, IL 60510 Phone: (630) 761-3640 Fax: (630) 761-3644 Web Site: http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com

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S.I.TECH LAN/WAN With a personal computer on each desk, so-called distributed data processing emerged with a need to connect all PC’s in a given area and to share data files together. This is how the local area network (LAN) was born. Today LAN’s can have hundreds or even thousands of users (nodes) connected together. In large networks, segments are created so that problems can be easily isolated and eliminated. Over the years there have been many networking schemes, each with advantages and disadvantages. Today, Ethernet is the most prominent LAN in offices. While LAN’s are adequate for small...

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S.I.TECH LOCAL AREA NETWORKS As the term implies, computers located in a given area such as an office or factory can be networked (connected together) in a particular scheme. Today’s Local Area Networks are comprised of many special inter connecting schemes, each with unique benefits and disadvantages. Basic configurations are: 1. Bus Network: all users are attached to a common BUS. LAN INTERFACE Ring Network Tree Network: Combining these concepts into various fashions, today’s complex LAN’s are set up. S.I. Tech Inc., Batavia, IL 60510 Phone: (630) 761-3640 Fax: (630) 761-3644 Web Site: http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com

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S.I.TECH IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers have developed many LAN standards and new ones are continually created. Some of the present standards are: IEEE 802.1 - Relationship between IEEE and ISO model IEEE 802.2 - Network control protocol IEEE 802.3 - Ethernet Local Area Network IEEE 802.4 - Map/Top Local Area Network IEEE 802.5 - Token Ring Local Area Network IEEE 802.6 - MAN Network IEEE 802.7 - Broad Band Local Area Network IEEE 802.8 - Fiber Optic CSMA/CD IEEE 802.9 - Integrated Voice and Data IEEE 802.10 - Interoperable LAN/MAN security IEEE 802.11 - Wireless LAN IEEE...

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S.I.TECH Typical operating distances for fiber optic cables Fiber Size (Microns) *Longer distances are possible and available with special designs. Various connector options are available, such as SMA/ST/FC/SC/MT-RJ/LC 7 S.I. Tech supplies indoor/outdoor Fiber Optic cables and cables with connectors. Fiber Optic Repeater/Mode (size) Converters: S.I. Tech model 2062 and 2082 are designed to convert multimode fiber any size to any other size or can also be used to convert any size multimode to single mode fiber. The 2062 has a maximum data speed of 20 Mbps and the 2082 has a maximum data speed of...

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S.I.TECH COAXIAL CABLES: IBM SNA, ARCNET, and ETHERNET are coaxial cable based networks. Both IBM SNA and ARCNET use 93 ohm, low capacitance cable. Ethernet Trunk Cable is typically 50 ohm thick coax (yellow cable) and Ethernet Distribution Cable is thin coax, RG-58/U. As we all know, attenuation (loss) in coaxial cable goes up with frequency and distance. The higher the data rate and the longer the distance, the higher the loss. This limits the distance that cable can be used effectively without amplification (Boosters, Repeaters). Cable television, which typically uses 75 ohm coaxial cable,...

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Status Indicators Data Connector** M or F (F is STD on most models) Distance*** 2 Km - STD Other - Specify L, XL, or UL Singlemode (SM)-Specify SC - STD Other-Specify Fiber and Connector Multimode (MM)-STD ST - STD Other-Specify Other - Call S.I. Tech Specifications subject to change without notice. Fiber Connection Singlemode 1300 nm e.g. 2150 = Fast Ethernet to Fiber Bit-Driver, Needs S.I. Tech #2164 Power Supply, RJ-45, 2 Km, Multimode, ST Connectors, 0-50 Degrees C Number Power* XXXX 1. 110 VAC - STD 2. 230 VAC - V 5,6, & 8 - See Chart Base Model *** While on Fiber side you can go long distances,...

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Power* Option Weight LB/KG ARCNET Card, 3000 Rack S.I. Tech Inc., Batavia, IL 60510 Phone: (630) 761-3640 Fax: (630) 761-3644 Web Site: http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com Data Connector** Distance*** M or F 2 Km - STD (F is STD on Other - Specify most models) L, XL, or UL Specifications subject to change without notice. e.g. 2890V=2890T-1 to Fiber,230VAC, RJ45, 2 Km, Multimode, ST Connectors, 0-50 degrees C Number XXXX Base Model Other - Call S.I. Tech T emperature range 0 - 50 degrees C unless shown otherwise. Fiber and Connector Multimode Singlemode (MM)-STD (SM)-Specify ST - STD ST - STD Other-Specify...

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S.I.TECH LAN/WAN ETHERNET FIBER OPTIC BIT-DRIVERS® 2150 – 10/100A Mini Optical Bit-Driver® Compatible with 10/100 Base-TX and 10 Base FL and 100 BaseFX networks Link Status, Optical, and Ethernet LED indicators Extends distance between Server or Switch and Hub Multimode is standard, Single mode optional Compatible with 2350-10/100A Card 2160* Mini Optical Bit-Driver, 10/100/1000 Mbps Data Speed Link Status, optical and Ethernet LED Indicators Long Distances using Single mode Fiber Multimode or Single Mode 2350-10/100A* Supports 10Base/100Base Tx and 10Base FL/100Base FX Standard Eurocard, 3001...

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S.I.TECH 2550 Mini Optical Bit-Driver® Compatible with 10 Base-FL or FOIRL Standards Link Status, Receive Data, Transmit Data, and Power LED indicators Connects to RJ45 – Twisted Pair Multimode is standard (200, 50, 62.5), Single mode optional 2703* Layer 2 switch meets IEEE 802.3 Unmanaged 3 port (2 optical and 1 electrical) 10/100 Mbps switch Optical ports 1 and 2 – Various combinations: MM/MM, MM/SM Wire port 3 – 10 or 100 Base – T(x) wire as MDI – X Optic connector options: ST/SC/LC/MR-RJ Status indicators: PWR, Link/Activity, 10/100 Switch for port 3 configuration 3150* Highly shielded version...

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