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Catalogue excerpts

Manual STEPPING MOTOR DRIVER SERIES STAR 2000 Mod. APSHx-x-00 RELEASE 143FW8K Company Quality Assurance conforming S.H.S. s.r.l. Stepping motor solution Via F.lli Rosselli, 29 20027 Rescaldina (MI) – ITALY Tel. +39 0331 466918 Fax. +39 0331 466147 APSHx-x-00_143_8K_r06_E.odt Rev. 06 Pag 1/36

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1. TECHNICAL DATA 1.1 POWER SUPPLY/OUTPUT CURRENT APSH 1 SIZE Vdc nom. Vdc max. Vdc min. I max. I min. I step Operating temperature APSH 2 [V] [V] [V] [A] [A] [A] From 30 to 80 90 20 4 0.4 0.2 [°C] 0-45 APSH 3 From 30 to 80 From 30 to 80 90 90 20 20 6 10 1 1 0.5 0.5 0-45 APSH 4 APSH 5 From 50 to 140 155 40 12 1 0.5 From 50 to 180 195 40 10 1 0.5 0-45 0-45 0-45 PARAMETERS DESCRIPTION Vdc nom: Rated value of voltage by which the drive can be powered. Vdc max: Maximum voltage at which the drive can operate. Over this limit, the protection of maximum voltage inhibits the drive. Vdc min: Minimum voltage...

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1.3 INPUTS AND OUTPUTS Inputs are NPN or PNP type selectable through jumper JP1 ( on demand is available release with differential HA, HB and HC inputs). Outputs are NPN/PNP optoisolated open collector type (10mA max for OUT1, 100mA max for OUT2 and OUT3). INPUTS FEATURES: HIGH SPEED INPUTS (IN1, HA, HB, HC) LOW SPEED INPUTS LOW LEVEL From 0 V to 2 V From 0 V to 2 V HIGH LEVEL From 3.5 V to 30 V From 3.5 V to 30 V 10 mA 5 mA LEVELS CURRENT ABSORBED (TYPICAL) (IN2, IN3, ENABLE) INPUT SIGNALS: HIGH SPEED INPUT : Max. frequency 100 KHz Min. impulse width t=10 µsec INPUTS : Max. frequency 5 KHz Min....

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DIP-B DIP-A Software Hardware Systems HIGH VOLTAGE BIP-B DIP-A Software Hardware Systems HIGH VOLTAGE !

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oi.iTPi'r:. OPTO COMMON vi.IT: ■[PI.EI

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DANGER OK ELECTRICAL SHOCK . ONLY QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS SHOULD WORK ON THIS EQUIPMENT. DISCONNECT ALL POWER BEFORE WORKING ON EQUIPMENT. DANGEROUS VOLTAGES MAY EXIST AFTER POWER IS REMOVED! CHECK DC BUS VOLTAGE OF DRIVES EACH TIME POWER IS REMOVED BEFORE WORKING ON EQUIPMENT. The drive needs an external power suppk iliai LILL;S1 be bui li M. indicated in the hel™ otherwise use ihe TPS power To reduce F.MI/RFI it is advisable; Maximum wire reduction between power supply and drive, between drive and nit.lor and. eventually, using shielded wires and insert the capacitor CI ( HIOnF 2511 V'. suilahle...

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Kcaaidiilii lliL' use cd' Ihc dii \ e III.1 pi 11 s oï llic connections :ia\ e dilïcicill incallirli :

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2.6 INPUTS/OUTPUTS DIAGRAM NPN INPUTS CONNECTION: CONTROL DRIVE J2-7 J2-18 OUT +12..24V J2-17 OUT NPN J2-16 OUT NPN J2-15 OUT NPN J2-14 OUT NPN J2-3 OUT NPN J2-2 OUT NPN J2-1 OUT NPN GNDL +12V COM. OPTO IN JP1 3 NPN 1 2 PNP NPN optoisolated inputs: Remove JP1 and connect as diagram. DISABLE IN3 IN2 IN1 NPN not optoisolated inputs: Disconnect COM. OPTO IN (J2-18), insert JP1 on 2-3 position (to use +12V of the drive as common input voltage) and connect the GND of the CONTROL to drive's GNDL (J2-7) CHB-HC CHA-HB CHZ-HA PNP INPUTS CONNECTION: CONTROL DRIVE J2-7 J2-18 GND J2-17 OUT PNP J2-16 OUT PNP...

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2.7 RS232 SERIAL INTERFACE: J4 has two function as the follow way: One for RS232 connection and the other for firmware upgrade. LEAD SIGNAL J4 - Pin 6 J4 - Pin 5 J4 - Pin 4 J4 - Pin 3 J4 - Pin 2 J4 - Pin 1 TXD1 RXD1 /RES GNDL VPPIN +Vo FUNCTION RS232 TX signal RS232 RX signal RESET signal – ONLY FOR FIRMWARE UPGRADE RS232 signals GND VPP input – ONLY FOR FIRMWARE UPGRADE Vo output – ONLY FOR FIRMWARE UPGRADE 2.8 RS232 CONNECTIONS DIAGRAM: Connection diagram between a drive (J4 connector) and RS232 standard connector. J4 6 5 STAR2000 4 3 GND TXD1 RXD1 TX RX GNDL 2 5 9 4 8 3 7 2 6 1 9 PIN RS232...

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2.9 RS422 SERIAL INTERFACE (RS485 full duplex): For RS422 serial interface use J3 connector CONNECTION J3 – Pin 10 J3 – Pin 9 J3 – Pin 8 J3 – Pin 7 J3 – Pin 6 J3 – Pin 5 J3 – Pin 4 J3 – Pin 3 J3 – Pin 2 J3 – Pin 1 SIGNAL GNDS GNDS +TX485 +TX485 - TX485 - TX485 +RX485 +RX485 - RX485 - RX485 IN IN IN IN IN FUNCTION OUT RS422 signals GND. Output for other drives RS422 signals GND OUT S422 +TX signal. Output for other drives RS422 +TX signal OUT RS422 –TX signal. Output for other drives RS422 –TX signal OUT RS422 +RX signal. Output for other drives RS422 +RX signal OUT RS422 –RX signal. Output for...

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2.11 RS485/RS422 SERIAL CONNECTION DIAGRAM: RS4K5 FULL DUPLEX CONNECTION i jumper between 2-3 position ( factory delaulíj. sec layout par.2.i and the CONNESSIONE RS485 HALF DUPLEX To iisi? US-iN.'> nidi'duplex set JI'N lumper ecu 1-2 inn. see LIV,HI1 pur.2. i ¡ind the diüi'.mm above.

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3. JUMPERS SETTINGS JUMPER JP1 JP8 JP13 (TX/RX) JP10 (RX) JP5 JP2,JP3 FUNCTION When inserted in 1-2 position, it associates the input common pole with GND of the drive (not optoisolated PNP inputs) When inserted in 2-3 position, it associates the input common pole with +12V of the drive (not optoisolated NPN inputs) When inserted in 1-2 position the serial interface RS485 is on half duplex mode (RS485) When inserted in 2-3 position the serial interface RS485 is on full duplex mode (RS422) When inserted add terminal resistances (120 ohm), needed for the last drive of the chain, between the TX+,...

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5. STANDARD MODE In this mode the drive is used with step and direction. The inputs/outputs are the follows: INPUTS: SIGNAL STEP-IN (J2-14) FUNCTION Execute the step on the LOW/HIGH transition of this signal. Use a square wave with duty-cycle of 50%. Signal absence for 0.5 seconds determines the automatic current reduction (stand-by condition). Percentage of reduction in stand-by can be set to 25% or to 50% of the regulated current through DIP A-1. MAX FREQUENCY 80KHz DIRECTION (J2-15) CURRENT REDUCTION (J2-16) ENABLE/ DISABLE (J2-17) Select the motor rotation wise Signals must be stable for at...

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5.1 CURRENT REGULATION: For setting current proceed as follows: - Set DIP B-4 to ON (current regulation mode). - Turn RV6 trimmer until display shows the required current (CW to increase). - Set DIP B-4 to OFF (Run mode). Table for setting current values and relating values shown on the display DISPLAYED VALUE 1 1. 2 2. 3 3. 4 4. 5 5. 6 6. 7 7. 8 8. 9 9. 0 0. a a. b SETTING CURRENT APSH 1 SETTING CURRENT APSH 2 SETTING CURRENT APSH 4 SETTING CURRENT APSH 3 / APSH 5 0.4 A 0.6 A 0.8 A 1.0 A 1.2 A 1.4 A 1.6 A 1.8 A 2.0 A 2.2 A 2.4 A 2.6 A 2.8 A 3.0 A 3.2 A 3.4 A 3.6 A 3.8 A 4.0 A - 1.0 A 1.5 A 2.0...

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