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INVT iMars B Series Grid Tie Solar Inverter - 20 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Grid-tied Solar Inverter Innovation, Value, Teamwork Service line : 86-755-86312859 Website : Domestic-mail : E-mail : SHENZHEN INVT ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Industrial Automation : ■Frequency Inverter Electric Power: BSVG No. 4 Building, Gaofa Scientific Industrial Park, Longjing, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China ■Servo & Motion Control ■Intelligent Elevator Control System ■Solar Inverter ■Motor & Electric Spindle ■Traction Drive INVT Copyright. Information may be subject to change without notice during product improving. ■Online Energy Management System

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ABOUT INVT INVT, established in 2002, is committed to being the globally leading and respected provider for products and services of industrial automation and electric power. In 2010, it listed as an A-share company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002334). INVT is a national-level high-tech company with eleven subsidiaries, whose business involves AC drive, industrial control, new energy, rail traction, servo and motion control, energy management, building intelligence system, PCL, HMI SVG, UPS, grid-tied solar inverters, etc. Up to now, over 1600 people are employed at the company's...

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Successfully launched iMars B series three-phase grid-tied solar inverter iMars B series grid-tied solar inverter certificated by VDE0126, AS3100/AS4777, G83/G59, CQC, C10/11 Successful entry into China, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Australia, India, Brazil and other markets Awarded “Shenzhen Inverter Technology Engineering Lab” qualification Set up the Brazil office Certified as "Key High-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan" Successfully launched iMars B series single-phase grid-tied solar inverter Passed TUV SUD internal audit and...

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SOLAR BUSINESS SUMMARY Professional Products R&D Process Solar Business The solar inverter business is an important part of new energy in three core businesses of INVT (electric drive, industrial control, new energy). Productr Strategic Planning Business Plan Test & Verify Launched Products Product life cycle Based on the R&D platform of power electronics technology and the core inverter technology, INVT expands and extends its products and services. By years of accumulation in inverter research and application, upon the need of distributed grid-tied solar power system and the understanding of...

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■ Total Quality Management • Implementation of comprehensive modernization quality management, and application of advanced technology- automatic and intelligent process control. Expert Technical Support ■ Efficient and Effective Delivery • Production bases located in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Xi'an. • Integrated supply chain management and control platform, total quality management system, efficient and effective operation, lean manufacturing, timely supply.

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Comprehensive Promotion «. Cunlerentc & Lxtilblllon

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Global Sales and Service Network St. Petersburg, Russia Moscow, Russia Mumbai, India Shenzhen, China Mexico City, Mexico Sao Paulo, Brazil Sydney, Australia India Region INVT Headquarters Russia Region Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd City: Shenzhen, China Add: 4# Bldg, Gaofa Technological Park, Longjing, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Service Hotline: 0086 755 86312834 (Sales, Technical Consultation, After-sales) Tel : 0086 755 86312834 Fax: 0086 755 86312937 Email: City: Moscow Add: Russia, Moscow, Balakavskij prospekt, Bldg.2. 2. Tel: 0079 653 641 914 Email:

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SOLAR PRODUCTS Introduction INVT grid-tied solar inverters, which are convenient for system design and monitoring software platform, offer the applying high efficient and reliable single-phase and power system higher safety and efficiency, lower cost and three-phase inverters to distributed grid-tied solar power higher return. system, along with matching communication module, Public Grid Grid-tied Solar Inverters Lightning Protection Communication Accessories System Design Software System Monitoring Software Single-phase Grid-tied Solar Inverters: BG1K5T BG2K2TL BG3KTL BG4KTL BG5KTL BG6KTL Three-phase...

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Product Advantages Dual-DSP Control Platform Higher precision of Dual-DSP control platform More stable and reliable for your solar system DC Switch Rotary actuator switch (Lockable-off) High speed switch (<5ms) Maximum torque 1Nm for easy operation Panel mounting, IP66 Rotary handle LCD Display User friendly interface 3.5 inches LCD display Multilingual and graphics display Easy to monitor running states and view current power generation, profits and record history

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Easy and cost-effective for system installation ■ Thermal Simulation Technology • System-level thermal simulation technologies • Higher reliability and longer lifetime. nnovQtion Value Teamwork SUNCLIX Connectors Easy, reliable and tool less • Easy connection with DC plug-in connectors • Compatible with 2.5-6mm2 PV cables • Disconnection with a screwdriver only

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Single-phase Solar Inverter Product Description 1.5kW ~ 3kW single-phase inverters with stable MPPT operating voltage range (V) and reliable circuit structure, beautiful and Rated power voltage range (V) stylish shape, support 1 high efficiency MPPT Number of MPPT/ string per MPPT Max. DC power (W) tracking input, suitable for small grid-tied PV Max. DC current (A) per MPPT x number of MPPT   systems, such as family roof systems, etc.. Output (AC) Rated output power (W) • Optimized electric control technology, over 97.30% efficiency; • Advanced and high efficiency MPPT algorithms, max tracking...

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Single-phase Solar Inverter Product Description MPPT operating voltage range (V) 4kW ~ 6kW single-phase inverters with stable Rated power voltage range (V) and reliable circuit structure, beautiful and stylish Number of MPPT/ string per MPPT as family and commercial roof systems, etc.. Max. DC current (A) per MPPT x number of MPPT inputs, suitable for small grid-tied PV system, such shape, support 2 high efficiency MPPT tracking Optional (Lockable-off) • Optimized electric control technology, over 97.60% efficiency; Rated output power (W) • Advanced dual-MPPT algorithms, max tracking efficiency...

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