Sample Cooler TSR (standard) Data Sheet 4.2 - 2 Pages

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Sample Cooler TSR (standard) Data Sheet 4.2

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SENTRY TSR-STANDARD SINGLE HELICAL TUBE Sample Coolers Solid & Powder Steam & Water The Sentry® TSR sample cooler cools a sample from a process stream. It may seem simple, but it is a uniquely designed small tube in a shell heat exchanger. The sample to be cooled flows through the tube side of the cooler, and the cooling fluid, usually water, flows through the shell side. The cooled sample then is taken to a laboratory for analysis or piped to in-line process instrumentation for continuous monitoring of properties such as conductivity, pH or other chemical constituents. MODELS TSR-4225 / TSR-4225U TSR-42B5 / TSR-42B5U TSR-4BB5 BENEFITS The Sentry TSR sample cooler is compact and provides broad application flexibility through the use of a variety of sample tube materials. It offers optimal service for flows below 1200 cc per minute for single phase heat transfer. Standard tube side materials are 316/316L stainless steel and Alloy 625. See the special materials information sheet for other materials available. FEATURES Single helical coil design Minimize cooling water needs Wide variety of exotic alloys for corrosion resistance Formed shell eliminates top shell flange weld interfaces Mounting bracket can be installed without removing flange bolts Retained shellside gasket reduces reassembly time PERFORMANCE CURVE (Water) Lbm/Hr Flow Rate Surface Area 1.2 Ft.2 [0.11 m2] 5 GPM [18.9 L/min] Cooling Water at 95oF [35oC] 3 PSI [0.20 Bar] Pressure Drop NOTE: Not recommended for steam condensing service. See TLR, FLR, FXR series sample coolers for steam app

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SENTRY TSR SINGLE HELICAL TUBE > SAMPLE COOLERS > SAMPLE CONDITIONING cooling water outlet cooling water inlet MOUNTING BRACKET (SUPPLIED WITH EACH COOLER) • U in model number denotes ASME stamped model. • Canadian Registration Number available for ASME stamped models only. Consult factory for CRN and other options and information. • Vessels are exempt from CE marking per PED 97/23/EC, TUV. Vessels are below or equal to the limits set forth in Article 3, Sections 1.1,1.2,1.3 and Section 2 as applicable, and are designed and manufactured in accordance with sound engineering practice (meets...

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