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54 PANEL MOUNTING UNITS Temperature control S401 Z-4RTD Z-4TC ModBUS RTU RS485, max 1.200 m S-LINE – OLED INDICATOR S401 ModBUS RTU indicator with OLED 2,7" display Power supply Power consumption Isolation Communication interface Memory 10-40 Vdc / 19-28 Vac 1 W 1.500 Vac 2 x RS485 ModBUS RTU Master / Slave Speed 1.200..115.200 bps RAM: 256 byte XRAM: 4kB Flash: 32 kB Scratchpad: 128 byte GENERAL DATA Display Front keys Visualization Serial communication Data storage OLED 2,7”, 128 x 64 pixel 3 menu keys Up to 20 measures (max 3 per page) free settable Address, parity, baud rate, response delay time, transmission delay time, data receiving timeout RAM, 20 x 4 byte VISUALIZATION AND MEASURE Operating temperature Case Front protection Connections Dimension (w x h x d) Panel dimension Weight -10..+60°C PPO self-exinguished, panel mount, DIN 43700 IP65 Removable terminals 96x48x40 mm 91x45 mm 200 g THERMOMECHANICS DATA Software / query Settings Conformity Max free settings 20 query, data management via Z-NET3 Communication parameters, language, contrast, brightness, range, offset, measure type EN 61000-6-4/2002, EN 61000-6-2/2005, EN 61010- 1/2001 SETTINGS, NORMS Code Description Model S401 ModBUS RTU indicator with OLED 2,7" display Power supply -L 10-40 Vdc; 19-28 Vac ORDER CODES Signal wireless re-transmission Short range 300 m 10 mW 100 kbps 434 – 869 Mhz RS485 - ModBUS RTU AO / DO AI / DI PLC local control PLC ModBUS RTU Master RS485, max 1.200 m ModBUS RTU Slave Sensors / Alarms Z-PC Line I/O modules Process control ModBUS RTU Master RS485, max 1.200 m, 32 nodi Flow transmitter with analog or pulse output Level transmitters with analog ouput Transmitters with ModBUS RS485 output • HIGH BRIGHTNESS: 70 cd/m2 • HIGH DEFINITION: 128x64 pixel • SPACE SAVING: 96x48x40 mm • VISUALIZATION: up to 30 measurements (float, integer, boolean) • PROGRAMMING: via software or front key menu • MASTER FUNCTIONS: 27 math functions, 20 readings from slave modules, 10 writings on slave devices, alarms control on threshold • REDUCED CABLING: Nr. 2 RS485 ModBUS interfaces (1 Master / 1 Slave) OPERATING VIEW MODE In view mode the indicator displays the values of the quantities defined on the display list; it may view 1, 2 or 3 data for screen. Voltage 223. 83 V Voltage 223. 83 V Current 11.400 mA Voltage 223. 83 V Current 11.400 mA Temperature 20.120 °C S401 OwLitEh DM doidsBplUaSy interface

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