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Portable power Professional range - 44 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Portable generating sets Welding sets Water pumps Residential Power generating sets Energy Solutions Provider

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Leading French manufacturer of gensets and the 3rd largest worldwide All over the world, from offshore drilling platforms to extreme desert conditions, from worksites to the most demanding industries, the reliability and performance of its gensets has made SDMO® one of the world’s top manufacturers. Committed to a dynamic of continuous improvement, the SDMO® team spends every day devising and producing gensets that are even more efficient, operate for longer, and are cleaner and easier to maintain and operate. Its knowledge of the specificities of every use coupled with innovation and high technology...

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Continuous innovation to meet your requirements Ranges designed for all applications SDMO® has nearly 100 engineers and technicians in its Engineering Department who can give advice on selecting equipment. They can provide realistic solutions, incorporating the very latest cutting edge technology. Portable Power Handy and efficient sums up the spirit of a range that fulfils the extremely varied needs of the professional market without sacrificing safety. A global approach SDMO®‘s Engineering Department is committed to helping you, from planning to delivery: understanding your needs analysing your...

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Generating sets designed to meet professionals’ exacting requirements To design powerful, high performance gensets down to the smallest detail, SDMO® uses its experience of the requirements and conditions in the field. SDMO® provides technological solutions that are easy to use, compact and reliable with maximum safety as well as reducing noise and fuel consumption, providing professionals with the most ergonomic equipment in the market. Design and ergonomics Gensets in the Portable Power range are compact with clean lines and in conjunction with SDMO® technology are even easier to use. Ergonomic...

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As part of its continuous growth policy, SDMO® has become part of the KOHLER® Co. Group, an American multinational company. KOHLER® has specialised in engines since 1920 and has set the standard for engine manufacturers throughout the world. It now supplies the leading equipment builders. SDMO® gensets, now more competitive than ever, combine their established quality with KOHLER® expertise to provide a new level of performance and unequalled lifetime. The strengths of KOHLER® engines'* i »High quality materials to withstand frequent, intensive use. ! • 3 year manufacturer's guarantee, parts and...

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Portable Power : SDMO stakes its reputation ® Safety and quality In order to enable consumers to make an informed choice, genset (< 10 kW) and welding set manufacturers have signed up to the Qualigen charter on compliance with applicable regulations and European standards, particularly in the following areas: User safety Product information Noise level After Sales Service Rating 3 year guarantee For complete confidence, gensets and welding sets with KOHLER® and HONDA® engines and pumps with KOHLER® engines are covered by the 3 year SDMO® guarantee. Noise This symbol next to the photograph of our...

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Energy Solutions Provider GENERATING SETS

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Choosing the right genset: 2 simple, essential steps 1 What will it be used for and how often? Requirement easy to handle equipment that is efficient, cost effective and suitable for frequent use Range Noise level equipment that is robust, long-lasting and simple to use for repetitive operations in difficult conditions Noise level INTENS (p. 12) 3 year guarantee equipment with long run time that can withstand extreme conditions, for daily professional use Noise level top of the range equipment that is efficient and with low noise emissions, for a wide range of standard requirements Noise level both...

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2 What rating is required? A - According to the appliances you use To help you choose your genset the illustrated guide opposite, provided for information purposes only, lists the appliances most often used with gensets. B - Minimum power rating: Certain appliances have a higher start-up rating than the normal operating rating. You should therefore take this into account when making your choice. MPR coefficient Belt sander Concrete vibrator Crêpe maker Disk sanding To find out the minimum capacity of your appliances, refer to the manufacturer’s technical documentation or ask your SDMO® reseller...

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PERFORM Performance and durability PERFORM 3000 SINGLE-PHASE GENSETS Type PERFORM 3000 GAZ PERFORM 4500 GAZ PERFORM 6500 GAZ Oil level shutdown Engine THREE-PHASE GENSETS Electric start Electric start Oil level shutdown Engine Socket codes Standard. (1) Theoretical value calculated for comparison purposes. (2) See table of sockets on page 43. For PERFORM GAZ models: the ratings (kW and kVA) are given using gas for fuel. For running off petrol, see the ratings for PERFORM models in the following table. Options available for this range depending on the model: trolley kit, RCCB, automatic controller,...

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QUAD CLEAN™ cyclonic lter filtration system which protects them from the risk of ingesting dust. a standard air filter but provide 4 levels of filtration which effectively filter out large particles and capture the finest particles. They ensure a continuous supply of clean air to the engine, save fuel, increase the engine performance and extend its lifetime. PERFORM 3000 3 kW - 3.75 kVA(1) - 230 V KOHLER® - CH 270 engine EEC Noise level Lwa 96 Lwa / 68 dB(A) @ 7 m Application*: ideal for use with drills and winches. 3 year guarantee PERFORM 4500 GAZ 3.9 kW - 4.9 kVA(1) - 230 V KOHLER® - CH 395...

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INTENS Exceptionally robust HX 3000 SINGLE-PHASE GENSETS Type Electric start Standard. (1) Theoretical value calculated for comparison purposes. (2) See table of sockets on page 43. ** This genset may be fitted with AVR and an IP54 alternator: HX 7500 T AVR IP54. Options available for this range depending on the model: See pages 38 to 41 for the part numbers for these options. SDMO® Portable Power 50 Hz PPW-PR-DO-US-22 Oil level shutdown Engine Oil level shutdown Engine Electric start HP 3.600 rpm Run time in hr L shaped tank EEC Noise level Lwa dB(A) @ 7 m Weight in Kg

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