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Catalogue excerpts

SEL-2664 Field Ground Module Protect Against Major Damage by Adding Field Ground Protection to the SEL-300G, SEL-700G, and SEL-2664S Relays With the SEL-2664 High Reliability, Low Price Field Insulation Resistance Measurement ➤ Ten-Year, Worldwide Warranty ➤ Superior Switched DC Voltage Injection Method ➤ Measurement Range to Approximately 20 M ➤ Fault Detection Range from 500 to 200 k to Meet Industrial and Utility Standards ➤ Wall, Panel, or Rack Mounting Plug-In Compatibility With the SEL-300G, SEL-700G, and SEL-2664S ➤ Detect Faults With Generator in Energized or De-Energized State ➤ Fiber-Optic Serial Connection from an SEL-2664 ➤ Noise-Free Monitoring and Protection Field Ground Module to an SEL-300G, SEL-700G, or SEL-2664S Relay ➤ No Settings in the SEL-2664 ➤ Simple Programming With ACSELERATOR QuickSet® SEL-5030 Software for the SEL-300G, SEL-700G, or SEL-2664S Settings ➤ Local LCD Display of Settings, Measured Values (Including Insulation Resistance Rf), and Statuses in the SEL-300G or SEL-700G Relays ➤ Reliable Digital Communications of Field Insula- Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. tion Resistance and Self-Test Diagnostics ➤ As much as 1000 meters Transmission Distance ➤ Improved Personnel Safety (Elimination of Copper SEL-2664 Field Ground Module Data Sheet

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Functional Overview The SEL-2664 Field Ground Module calculates field winding insulation resistance in the rotor of a synchro- nous generator. The measurement can be obtained from an energized or de-energized generator. Insulation resis- tance values are transmitted to an SEL-300G, SEL-700G, or SEL-2664S relay for the field ground protection ele- ment (64F) alarm and/or trip functions. NOTE: The rotor iron of the generator must be grounded to guarantee accurate measurement of the insulation resis- tance between field winding and ground. Follow the machine manufacturer's guidelines for grounding...

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An SEL-300G, SEL-700G, or SEL-2664S Protective Relay Application The SEL-300G, SEL-700G, and SEL-2664S Protective Relays have a selectable field ground protection element (64F) that uses the SEL-2664 Field Ground Module to acquire insulation resistance data for alarm and trip functions. Connect the SEL-2664 to the SEL-300G as shown in Figure 2. On the SEL-700G and SEL-2664S relays, the fiber-optic PORT 2 connects directly to the SEL-2664. Use a fiber-optic cable and an SEL-2812M Transceiver to transmit the insulation resistance data to the SEL-300G. The EIA-232 port used must be set for an SEL...

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4 Table 1 Field Ground Protection (64F) (Requires SEL-2664 Field Ground Module) SEL-300G METER Command Report With Field Insulation Resistance Rf Insulation Resistance Element: 0.5–200.0 k (Available on Front-Panel LCD Display or Serial Port) Pickup Accuracy: =>MET GENERATOR TERMINAL ±5% ± 20 k for 825 Vdc VF 1500 Vdc (VF is the generator field winding excitation dc voltage) Pickup Time: 2 s if the injection frequency in the SEL-2664 is selected at 1 Hz 8 s if the injection frequency in the SEL-2664 is selected at 0.25 Hz Definite-Time Delay: Maximum Definite-Time Delay Accuracy: Field Insulation Generator...

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Communication and Module (SEL-2664) Status SEL-2664 Data Packet Definitions (Sheet 2 of 2) Data Value COMM Receiving communications from a device with a status word indicating a remote failure Lost communications, but the last communication from the device contains a status word indicating a remote failure Injection waveform period, scaled at 1 bit = 1 millisecond Firmware release version. First character is an ASCII alphabetic character. Remaining 3 characters are ASCII numeric characters. CRC-16 block check code Lost communications Data Size Receiving valid communications SEL-2664 Data Packet...

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Jumper Settings Jumper Position (Jumper 1A) Injected Signal Frequency (FG) Time Between Each Insulation Resistance Calculation Within Spec. Operating time is faster Within Spec. Shipped default position Recommended setting for generators with Cfg > 10 µF SEL Communications Processor Applications The SEL-2664 Field Ground Module communicates with an SEL Communications Processor to enhance many protection and monitoring applications. The communications processor monitors insulation resistance data from the SEL-2664, performs threshold comparisons, and sends control commands to a protective relay. ➤...

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Wiring Diagrams Square-Wave Injection Voltage Rotor Iron Field Winding FIELD (+) + Exciter SEL-2664 Field Ground Module FIELD (–) (VDC) _ FIELD (GND) Ground Brush Field Breakers Typical SEL-2664 Connection Diagram Front- and Rear-Panel Diagrams Front Faceplate Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. SEL-2664 Field Ground Module Data Sheet

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Grounding Connection Access Plate Number Label Figure 6 SEL-2664 Side- or Rear-Panel Diagram Product Dimensions Compliance Label WALL-MOUNT CHASSIS Figure 7 Wall-Mount Chassis SEL-2664 Field Ground Module Data Sheet Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

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PANEL-MOUNT CHASSIS Figure 8 Panel-Mount Chassis RACK-MOUNT CHASSIS Figure 9 Rack-Mount Chassis Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. SEL-2664 Field Ground Module Data Sheet

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Specifications Fiber-Optic Port Compliance ISO 9001:2008 Certified UL Listed, CSA Certified, CE Mark. Nominal Input Voltage: Input Voltage Range: Fiber-Optic Cable: Power Supply Rear Panel Transmission Distance: Power Consumption: One port consisting of a transmit (no receive) multimode fiber-optic interface with ST connections Baud Rate: Optical Source: Typical Transmit Level: Maximum Output Level: –3.0 dBm Communication Protocols SEL ASCII Relative Humidity Xmodem file transfer SEL Fast Message Unsolicited Block Transmit Maximum Altitude Element Accuracies Insulation Resistance Measurement Atmospheric...

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Electromagnetic Compatibility Immunity Conducted RF Immunity: IEC 60255-22-6:2001 Severity Level: 10 Vrms IEC 61000-4-6:2004 [BS EN 61000-4-6:1996 + CDRG:2001] Severity Level: 10 Vrms Digital Radio Telephone ENV 50204:1995 RF Immunity: Severity Level: 10 V/m at 900 MHz and 1.89 GHz Electrostatic Discharge Immunity: IEC 60255-22-2: 2008 Severity Level: Contact Discharge: ±2, 4, 6, and 8 kV Air Discharge: ±2, 4, 8, and 15 kV IEC 61000-4-2: 2008 Severity Level: Contact Discharge: ±2, 4, 6, and 8 kV Air Discharge: ±2, 4, 8, and 15 kV IEEE C37.90.3-2001 Severity Level: Contact Discharge: ±2, 4, 6,...

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