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World of Vacuum Technology
Schmalz – The Company

Schmalz – The Company
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    Consistent customer orientation and groundbreaking innovations,excellent quality and comprehensive consulting competence makeSchmalz the world's leading...
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    1We are committed to maintaining a fair partnership with our customersand suppliers: one that is beneficial for all parties.Schmalz is a family-run company,...
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    2Schmalz – a History of InnovationOur roots lie in southwest Germany; the company is headquartered inGlatten, in the beautiful northern part of the...
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    Dynamic Growth is our PassionFounded: 1910 by Johannes SchmalzMarket importance: Leading global supplier of vacuum technology in the areas ofautomation,...
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    4Worldwide at Home in many IndustriesTo meet the specific demands ofvarious industries, we offer vacuumcomponents and system solutionsin the fields of...
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