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LIFTRONIC series and PN series. - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Scaglia INDEVA, a worldwide network at your service The Company was founded in 1838 and has always been in the ownership of the Scaglia family. It was the foundation stone of an important industrial group, which has now diversified into a wide range of business interests worldwide. As a resuit of this expansion a highly efficient sales and service network has been developed to meet the demands of our many customers. At the end of 1970 Liftronic was born: a revolutionary material handling System that allows loads of up to 320 kg to be lifted and moved eompletely effortlessly. Scaglia SpA was the...

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3M ferrari monsanto abb ferrero nestle" akzo fibers ibm fiat renault nissan rolls royce amoco fabrics isuzu firestone reynolds tobacco pechiney italtel opel rhone poulenc aprilia ciba geigy ford JOHNSON Et JOHNSON peugeot saab / scania audi citroen general motors kelloggs pharmacia leo therapeutics sara LEE b.p. chemicals coca cola glaxo kimberly clark philip morris shell goodyear comau piaggio kodak 3|AMQUE de france * STILL bank of englanpji continental hewlett packard kraft general foods pirelli THYSSpN bekaert ^MLER chrysler hoechst unifi ppg dunlop bmw uniroyal hoechst celanese dupont procter...

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Liftronic or P Which is your idal manipulator? LIFTRONICSeries New gn驩ration electronic manipulators Intelligent and sensitive The LIFTRONIC181 sries zro gravity balancera named Intel ligent Devices for Handling or simply INDEVAare an 驩volution of the traditional manipulators. Equipped with advanced microprocessor based logic instead of the traditiona pneumatic logic, the INDEVA are not affected by the typicaltechnological limitations of pneumatic manipulators and can achieve a far better performance. The LIFTRONIC8 sries INDEVAare more compact and lighter compared to traditional manipulators...

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-PN Sries Traditional pneumatic manipulators Practical and strong The PN sries manipulators are compl驨tely pneumatic balancersto lift, move, turn and position loads up to 250 kg asifthey werealmost weightless.

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Be flexible, think modul INDEVA "MODULO" TECHNOLOGY MEANS:  more flexible and easily modified to suit Օ more reliable new work requirements  less and easier maintenance Օ shorter design and manufacture lead time I/O Module (models "stand alone" and "built-in Tool body (diffrent types available) Load flange (models for diffrent capacitiesavailable) mm * Control unit (models "standard" and "plus") Sensitive in-line handle (diff驩rent lengths available] JOINTED ARMS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS capacity (LC) and uncovered area (R2) ARM LENGHT (RI) R1 (m) 2,5 3,5 LIGHT LC{kg R2 (mm) 80 460 60 550 40 650...

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Compact intell Intelligent Device for handling LIFTRONICEasy LIFRONIC® EASY belongs to the Liftronic® sries; designed for simple applications, non-complex and rapid work cycles. It is used with mechanic lifting tools (hooks, pantograph chucks, jaws, clamps, etc.), LIFTRONIC® EASY features an advanced pre-programmed logic that makes its performance really unique, yet it is simple to install and maintain. AN this combined with its comptitive price makes LIFTRONIC® EASY a really cost effective investment with very high short term returns. Diff驩rent models are available for capacities up to 240 kg...

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Traditional Pneumatic Manipulator PN Sries The PN sries pneumatic manipulators are Completel y pneumatic ba lancers for capacity up to 250 kg including lifting tool. Diff驩rent models are available: PN ERGO, PN FLEX, PN COMPATTO and PN ZIP, and diffrent supports such as column, ceiling, overhead rails mounted. ERGONOMICThe specially designed position ofthe cylinder grants consistent load balancing along the whole vertica stroke. RELIABLE it's complte pneumatic logic guarantees a high level of long-term reliability and very simple maintenance. SAFE Equipped with safety devices that retain the grip...

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Industry fields Agriculture Automotive And Car Components Bathroom And Toiletware Ceramic Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals Electro-mechanical Electronics, Computers And Tlcommunications Engineering Food/Drink/Tbbacco Foundry Furniture Glass And Fiberglass Household Electric Appliances Mechanics M驩tal Wires Motorcycles Paper Production And Printing Rubber/Plastics Textile Tyres Waste Disposai 12 72

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Scaglia IND Italia Scaglia INDEVA Deutschland Scaglia INI France United Kingdom S.I.T. INDEVA United States E E □ □ ± y «- «- . .E IM CO <Il 00 00 2 * r* "* «1 + m 10 c F & o o LU t/1 < 5 ٹ, n ro u m citmlD a. a. o x 01 01 3 3 rare m գ m "o "o S"810 <J . "a -a m m J= 3i m m s S + + o s rn 1 G U ◣9 u 00 * ,

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