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Introduce The introduction of Xenon lights resistant to climate testing machine The main factor causing the material aging is sunlight and moisture.Xenon lamp test machine can do harm climate simulation caused by sunlight, rain and dew.Use the effect of simulated sunlight by xenon lamp, Using condensation moisture to simulate rain and dew, To test the measured material when placed at a certain temperature and light cycle according to moisture in the alternating. The damage will appear to the outdoors for months and years, with days or weeks, Artificial accelerated aging test data can help select...

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Echnical parameters: Model Inner Dimension D×W×H Outer Dimension D×W×H Water cooled xenon lamp power Temperature range Humidity range(Light) Humidity range(Dark) Rainfall duration Rainfall cycle Performance & Parameters 1 to 9999 hours and 59 minutes adjustable 1 to 9999 hours and 59 minutes adjustable Light source Irradiance deviation Irradiation intensity irradiatometer Irradiance calibration function Automatic calibration, and meet the requirements of the National Metrology Department Xenon lamp power Accuracy range Setting / accuracy: temperature 0.1, humidity, 1%R.H Temperature and humidity...

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Additives and colorants Adhesives and Sealants Automobile and motorcycle Building materials Textile Food and Drink Flat-screen graphic arts Paints and coatings Pharmaceuticals \ cosmetics Plastic packaging materials Leather^ furniture Energy Industry

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Control System Professional xenon lamp irradi-ance of temperature and humi-dity controller, there is light, rain, temperature and humidity weather conditions Solar Eye Irradiance Control system can continuously mo-nitor and control the intensity of output, irradiance control point can be selected from Xenon elderly chamber xenon arc lamps to simulate the best full spectrum Sample holder 360-degree rotating sample holder that can hold samples of different sizes, including three-dimensional parts Water spray filter Measuring instrument simulation options by pure water shower outdoors in wet etching,...

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The Experience you Rely on... Sanwood Environmental Chambers was established in 1995, which integrated Taiwan and Japan technologies. We have been focus on the most secure and reliable climatic test chamber technology since established. And has become a private science and technology enterprises in Dongguan,Guangdong Province, which passed the lSO9001:2008 quality system certification. Our products upgrade constantly and our customers come portable batteries, power batteries, battery, lithium batteries, lead-acid, new energy vehicles, electric bicycles, electric tools, electric systems, solar,...

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