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Catalogue excerpts

AS the pioneer of manufacturers in the field of test equipment. SANWOOD will guide you to a professional field of technology. Sanwood's Universal Tensile Tester with comprehensive applications, Speciality Precision Innovation Technology ttj&$HI Summary ifi^ftHigh accuracy grade 0.5 , DIN 51221 class 0.5 , BS 1610 class 0.5 , ASTM E4 , JIS B7723 class ra^fibHigh Intelligence £#jffijMulti-f unction ^IltS ^Superior software program SfiflMilflfa&Automaticaliy measuring the elongation

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Servo Control System Universal Testing Machine Series Satisfaction with Performance and Reliability Miyh-snength aluminum alloy extrudod to lotm (he covers for protecting the screws ot the tester. it's with bright /ladle character as well as the elegant profile. Advanced technology Prodclent Produce process, high - performance devices, sand blast - electroplated surface and or particular cold coating creates the high value -added equipment High accuracy Adopt the high-precise anti - explosivoload cell with the features as the perfect non repeatability safe overloadat I50%and the UMI mats overload ~mMm,....

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High and low temperature tensile testing machine ^^^fflSM^J^SE PLCRTgffiftitffiSllWB^mn Coupled to universal testing machines, GotedV s temperature chamber is designed for measuring tension, compression, bend, peel and other materials tests under high and low temperature environment. Integrating HMI with RID system . the chamber is easy to use and its temperature control is stable . A selection or specifications is provided to fulfill different HMI System with Colored Touch Screen A®wiait^®BSiT, w^^mmn^; A Full automatic program operation A Freely programmable temperature control with instant...

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Servo control metal tensile testing machine *3&ft±5&ffi?MHt4ttfttt&tt. mm. mm. mm. MN. mmm±ia\m. K£SH>$R. qr^s: ^raS^afit. ^fflfgS^JSHfit : GB. CNS, ASTM, ISO. DIN. JIS. Ertff. The SM-8000 A series is designed far measuring strength in tension, compression, bend, flexure, tear, peel, shear and adhesion testing. It is widely used for metal, geotextile, hard plastic, timber, rubber and many other materials. As the largest type of SM- 8000 A,this series has a wide space and large capacity . It is also applicable for heavy duty grips which are capable to test rigid specimen . The series conforms with...

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Servo control desktop tensile testing machine WSOJift Unrt(Swrtchable) m^VIS Load Resolution Load Accuracy Load Magnifying Rate JUaaS Test speed SlSaa Speed Accuracy ©tS^WJR Stroke Resolution ■ --ttSJ^DaUi acquoltion frequency SjiSThe motor efflWF Special software AC Inl'ri^LS The servo motor Servo Control Peeling Strength Tester Capacity (optional) TiBft&fy Force resolution AlBfflS Precision of power ffiMSK The control mode Experimental stroke Stop mode flU^K \f The machine size SrjS* power tflcSfiB The machine weight teitl&IW The standard configuration a«fWL BBV±H. awewaawu ±TRjase Horizontal...

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Micro-Computer Tensile Strength Tester (Extensometer is provided as optional) f^jS^flSSiLoad Resolution iiS^lASSMethod of Speed Input aiieCilSTest Speed CJ^^KSStroke Resolution grJ^ffiifciSSample Rate {can display and print maximum force, break value and elongation value) (Cai ds0ay and prmt maximum face) ACfsjUB^jiservo motor tfiiffi Power AC v_'i;;iji/.AC motor with variab e freq . drive The accessories such as grips and extensometer are equipped according to the requirements specified in the contract; our sales representatives will give the proper suggestion to our customer beforehand . Two-in-one...

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Universal Testing Machine Software 5, J&mmmn%ft%£9H^&m$7t. nmtt: l : 500000 , BDO.GQI ~ 500mm/min , SJtO.1% , B£HPT«. f&ffi&Sg^Ms-accessjSxIgS, B^Crystal ReportsifQVS.NeUgS. nT#a3^|Word, Excel, PDF, HTMU§5t ; Servo Control Universal Testing Machine

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