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Catalogue excerpts

CLIMATE STSAR series Temperature and Humidity Test Chamebr

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Main technical parameters Implementation standards Temperature and humidity control method: BTHC Equipment noise: <69dB (testing from one meter in front of the door) Standard configuration: Electrothermal film glass observation 2 pes ; Cable hole (0100) 1 PCS; sample shelf 2 kits; Lighting 1 pes; Sample power control terminal 1 (C), only C type equipment equipment with this GB/T5170.2-2008 Temperature test equipment GB/T5170.5-2008 Humidity test equipment (C) GB/T2423.1-2008(IEC68-2-1) testing A, Low temperature test method GB/T2423.2-2008(IEC68-2-2) testing B, High temperature test method GB/T2423.3-2006(IEC68-2-3)...

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Data sheet Climatic chamber Test volume Temperature range Humidity range Dew-point temperature Dew-point temperature range Humidity fluctuation Temperature change Heating rate Cooling rate Highest thermal compensation Outside size Power supply Noise level Cooling mode Control system The South Lorea SAMWON TEMI1500, TEMI2500, TEM

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CLIMATE STSAR series CLIMATE STSAR series has advanced features in terms of quality and reliability Customer first 1. If you have ever used environmental test equipment, you will soon feel the unique design and ease of use of the device CLIMATE STSAR. 2. First of all, you can feel the equipment is easy to use, low maintenance rate and high reliability 3. Then, You can choose different the testing volume, temperature range and special parts to meet your special requirements Testing area Products Features The CLIMATE STAR series products have excellent design and high quality standard features....

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Structure characteristics Structure characteristics Inner glass door (optional) 1. Shell: Spray galvanized color steel plate, the surface electrostatic spray processing. 2. Liner: stainless steel SUS 304. 3. Thermal insulation layer: Polyurethane foam board and glass fiber. 4. Seal: Toshiba high purity silicon rubber raw materials, effectively prevent aging. 5.Heater: Ni Cr alloy electric heater. 6. Humidifier: Outer tube: SUS316 stainless steel seamless pipe Internal heating wire: Ni Cr alloy wire. 7. Sample holder: 40kg/ layer * 2 layer ( standard configuration ) 80kg/ layer ; 120kg/ layer Total...

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Refrigeration system Refrigeration design 1. Modular production, reliable quality, convenient maintenance. Solenoid valve 2. Silver brazing welding vibration pipe with a silver content of 45% to prevent the welding leak effectively. Italy CASTEL 3. Adequate space position, easy to operate. 4. Welding through nitrogen, ensure the inner pipe not nitriding. 5. Take a variety of techniques to decouple shock. 6. Take a variety of techniques to anti-corrosive. France Taikang compressor (Original import) R404A R23(-70) Ozone depletion index was 0 Denmark DANFOSS brand Pressure relay America EMERSON or...

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Control System 2. Waterway 2.1 Heating tube dry. 2.2 Abnormal of water supply. 2.3 Abnormal drainage. 1. Large screen LED display 2. High reliability of industrial r ecords requirements 3. Test samples of protection The sample power control terminal 1. 5.7" 640*480 lattice. TFT LCD displayer 2. 1200 programs program can cycle 3. RS - 485 interface, with remote communication function. 4. SD card storage test data, about 7500 days ( Sampling period: 5min) 5. operating language: Chinese or English 1. When the equipment safety protection device works,the power supply of the electrified sample is controlled...

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The Experience you Rely on... Sanwood Environmental Chambers was established in 1995, which integrated Taiwan and Japan technologies. We have been focus on the most secure and reliable climatic test chamber technology since established. And has become a private science and technology enterprises in Dongguan,Guangdong Province, which passed the lSO9001:2008 quality system certification. Our products upgrade constantly and our customers come portable batteries, power batteries, battery, lithium batteries, lead-acid, new energy vehicles, electric bicycles, electric tools, electric systems, solar,...

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