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UW I D THE ALL-ROUNDER AMONG THE TOOL GRINDING MACHINES A SAACKE PRODUCT... for maximum flexibility Grinding wheel change in just 12 seconds Full flexibility with individual configurations for different tools Compact automation due to an integrated chain loader

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Several sophisticated developments make the latest generation of the UWI D a true master of flexibility and a space wonder. Instead of optionally docking the chain loader to the machine in a separate unit, the UW I D skilfully integrates the complete chain loader with up to 320 workpieces volume right inside the machine. This not only makes the outer dimensions of the machine much more compact, but also reduces the tool change time. The greatest time savings are, however, achieved by the UW ID during the grinding wheel change. The completely newly designed mechanism causes the machine...

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Compact kinematic - maximum flexibility Flexible loading systems matching any process A Glance at Advantages • Flexible Set-Up using the Fully Automatic Grinding Wheel Changer with 6 Magazine Positions (optional 12) • Simultaneous and automatic changing of the cooling nozzles with the grinding wheel packages • High automation due to the integrated tool changing system • High Accuracy due to Positioning the Grinding Wheel in the Center of the Grinding Head Rotational Axis • Digital control and axis drives resulting in high dynamic in all axes • Work head with direct drive suitable for...

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Cycle times will decrease as a result of the CNC moving steady rest technology • Mounted on the grinding table as a 6th axis • quipped with low wear, high precision linear E guide ways • or support and guidance of long tools during the F grinding process • ptimal control of the grinding deflection over the O complete grinding length • upported directly beneath the contact point of the S grinding wheel Even for individual needs • rinding of straight- and spiral fluted hobs, stability G and output up to module 12 in quality up to AAA • Integrated dressing of the grinding wheel • Measuring...

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Greatest Variety with Highest Precision NUMROTOp/us® Software • The flexible and multifunctional NUMROTOp/us ® Software is perfect to program special tools in a short amount of time • An exceptional variety of programs with a built-in database for tools, technology and grinding wheel packages • Straightforward and easy to install Software updates are available over the complete machine life • 3D collision monitoring and machine simulation • The software is compatible with a commercially available and standard PC; from your local PC supplier Technical Data Tool data Max. diameter Subject to...

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Gebr. SAACKE GmbH & Co. KG Prazisionswerkzeuge und Werkzeugschleifmaschinen Kanzlerstr. 250 75181 Pforzheim Fon (+49) 7231 / 956-0 Fax (+49) 7231 / 956-290 www.saacke-pforzheim.de info@saacke-pforzheim.de

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