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SAACKE CNC-Grinding Center Model UW I G

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15 CNC Grinding Center Model UW I G Complete grinding of tools up to 630 mm in cutting length The newest dimension in tool grinding

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Highly exible power plant 630 mm represents the “latest standard” for a grinding length obtained during the manufacturing process. Until now, such a length had not been achievable. This innovative machine concept has been made possible by the new SAACKE grinding center UW I G. The outstanding performance incorporates a grinding spindle capacity of up to 42 kW, a 12-station grinding wheel changer with an extremely short changeover time, and a CNC controlled steady rest. The grinding center allows maximum exibility through the use of an Automatic Chain-Driven Tool Loader. In this highly...

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Kinematics without compromises The direct driven motor spindle with adapter HSK-50 provides outstanding capability. The 3D-probing system detects tool positioning and also performs measurement of tools, allowing high efciency. Advantages at a Glance : • Established kinematics having 5 or 6 axes • Highest accuracy due to the position of the grinding wheel being located in the Center of the rotary Grinding Head centerline • Liquid-cooled grinding spindle motor with a capacity of up to 42 kW • Unique exibility achieved via a 12-station grinding wheel changer • Universal Tool Loading Systems •...

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Highly efcient grinding wheel changer An extremely short changeover time of the grinding wheel packages sets the course for maximum productivity in the grinding process. Serial grinding wheel changer: • Enormous and a fast grinding wheel changeover through an innovative magazine arrangement • Impressive short and direct changeover movements during the grinding process • The standard conguration includes 6 magazine stations; an optional 12 positions magazine is available • The grinding wheels will be changed along with their respective coolant nozzle sets • Fully automatic selection and...

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Protable Dynamics The exible Chain-Driven Loader is also congured for a exible handling of different tool types, tool materials as well as different tool diameters. Chain-Driven Tool Loader with a maximum capacity of 160 tools • Equipped for production and regrinding • Flexible processing of different tool types and diameters in HSS and carbide • Automatic collet changing Flexible Chain-Driven Tool Loader 6

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Fully developed process capability An example for high functionality is the compact tool loading device, which is xed on the grinding spindle. Integrated Pick-Up Loading System Capacity: • 3.0 • 5.1 • 9.1 • 12.1 • 16.1 • 20.1 to to to to to to 5 mm 9 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 32 mm shank dia. 143 shank dia. 90 shank dia. 70 shank dia. 54 shank dia. 35 shank dia. 18 tools tools tools tools tools tools Compact tool loading device, xed onto the grinding spindle Integrated Pick-Up Loading System with pallet-based system 7

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Optional Accessories for your specic application A variety of CNC tool support systems exist. Cycle times will decrease as a result of the CNC moving steady rest technology • • • • • • • • Mounted on the grinding table as a 6th axis Equipped with low wear, high precision linear guide ways For support and guidance of long tools during the grinding process Optimal control of the grinding deection over the complete grinding length Supported directly beneath the contact point of the grinding wheel Through a creative adaptable system, different solutions are possible Tailstock adapters available...

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• Multifunction control panel for stationary and portable handling • Built-in height adjustment for ergonomic work • Optimal access to the working space through centrally located cabin doors • Direct view into the machine working area during the grinding process

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Complex tool geometry, but very easy to program NUMROTOp/us® Software • The flexible and multifunctional NUMROTOp/us® Software is perfect to program special tools in a short amount of time • An exceptional variety of programs with a built-in database for tools, tech- nology and grinding wheel packages • Straightforward and easy to install Software updates are available over the complete machine life • 3D collision monitoring and machine simulation • The software is compatible with a commercially available and standard PC; from your local PC supplier Cylindrical and Tapered Cutters Profile -...

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Technical Specications Max. Grinding wheel diameter Grinding wheel changer Number of magazine stations Work head A-axis with direct drive Work head spindle taper Through-bore capacity Through bore capacity while automatic clamping Indexing accuracy Max. rpm of work head spindle Resolution X-, Y- and Z-axis B- and A-axis Drive output rating Grinding motor, peak capacity Longitudinal path drive motor X-axis Work head drive motor A-axis Cross travel drive motor Z-axis Vertical travel drive motor Y-axis Grinding head B-axis Weight approx. 300 mm 430 mm (optional 630 mm) 480 mm (optional 550 mm)...

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Gebr. SAACKE GmbH & Co. KG Precision Tools and Tool & Cutter Grinding Machines

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