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Catalogue excerpts


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Dear customer, The issue energy efficiency is becoming more and more the core criterion in respect of building automation. Therefore, quite rightly you expect instrumentation, control and automation technology, which you can rely on to 100 percent. No ifs, no buts. For that reason we are not arguing round and round. We just deliver. In fact precisely the solution you need. However there is more to it than that. At S+S you get a big special offer package in addition, which you would have to look for elsewhere for a long time. Sounds great? It is great! Just convince yourself. Tino Schulze Managing...

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Benefits to the fifth power! 1 Competence Innovation NEW The new S+S dew point control switch: More precision, more dependability! Zero tolerance For damages by liquids Reliable protection thanks to new measurement method and pro-dynamic cross convection. More info on our dew point control switch on page 196 and following pages 3

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Precision MADE IN GERMANY Convincing all along the line! Precisely readjustable! Offset potentiometer for fine adjustment (zero point offset) for readjustment at calibration. More flexibility! DIP switches for multi-range switching, setting of measuring ranges, response times, and configuration levels. Easy to install! Detachable plug-in screw terminals Active output signals 0-10 V, 4 … 20 mA, or switching outputs. Robust technology ! Digital humidity and temperature sensor Highly precise, long-term stable, and temperature-compensated. 4

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Down to the thousandth 100 % reliable. That’s what we call Precision. Utmost precision describes the quintessence of our actions. First of all however it is our promise to you. Therefore S+S develops and produces everything at its own house. From the component up to the comprehensive complete solution. Using robust, durable materials – components tested to toughest criteria. And in the result, as dependable as a clockwork. Convince yourself and profit from engineering achievements “Made in Germany”. Our Precision. Your Advantage: Up to 30 % greater energy efficiency Exact realisation of almost...

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Quality MADE IN GERMANY Putting 4,593 products through the acid test. Again and again. That’s what we call Quality. Whether individual product, complete solution, or special request: Outstanding quality is one of the great strengths of S+S. Not only may we be measured by most superior standards, we ourselves are setting new benchmarks over and again. Our Quality. Your Advantage: In our climatic test chambers we are testing S+S instrumentation, control and automation devices under toughest conditions for functionality, robustness, and durability. TÜV certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000...

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6,500 square meters. Experience and passion. Tendency increasing. That’s what we call Competence. What does competence mean to you? A huge range of products and services? Outstanding German engineering technology? Customized solutions? All that – and much more – you are getting from us. For competence in sensor and control technology is deep in our DNA. To be found in the well-established knowhow of our teams, in our many years of experience. And in the creative force of our development engineers. Our Competence. Your Advantage: Own engineering design and development Latest state-of-the-art production...

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Temperature measuring transducer with radio frequency technology Batteryless radio sensors Bidirectional bus communication 8 1 Light switch – wireless 5 Room sensor – transmitter 2 Outdoor sensor – wireless 6 Radio window handle 3 Ceiling sensor – presence 7 Switching actuator – window shade 4 Radio amplifier (repeater) 8 8 Light intensity sensor 9 Handheld transmitter – remote control

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Batteryless, wireless, highly efficient: Outstanding radio technology More on page 234 and following pages Always 1 step ahead. Out of deep conviction. That’s what we call Innovation. Anywhere in building management challenges are growing. We master them. Highly motivated teams of engineers and technicians develop new solutions in highly modern labs. By visionary thinking, but always perfectly practical – and precisely matching your requirements. To us taken for granted: The amalgamation of latest technologies with top user friendliness and contemporary design. Our Innovation. Your Advantage:...

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That’s what we call Flexibility. Our Flexibility. Your Advantage: 24-hour shipping service for standard products Quick and easy online ordering Hotline for your questions +49 (0) 911 - 51947 - 0 Webshop and operating instructions in 6 languages Catalogues in 8 languages 24-hour shipping for standard products

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Order online at Page flipping web catalogue Extra benefits for initial buyers The best grades of our latest customer satisfaction survey make us proud, but never passive. Because you only stay at the top with top performance. Standard products for example we deliver within 24 hours. Special request orders we will also gladly provide with your logo. Or in small numbers. And: Personal consultation is a matter of honour to us!

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Our Ideas. Your Success. Innovation “Made in Germany” 1 Slotted-Phillips-head screw 2 With stop and interlock Our unique quick-locking screw with combined slotted and Phillips head provides you heaps of advantages. Fixed, tightened in the twinkling of an eye. Just as quickly loosened again, mounting effort during installation and commissioning reduces considerably. And: Loosing the screw is just as well impossible as damaging the enclosure! Effort minimized: Quick-locking screw PERFECT ENCLOSURE ASSEMBLY Bayonet lock – slight pressure and a 90-degree turn is enough Slot geometry suitable for various...

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Tidy & simple: Connecting terminal More clearness, better handling: Our new connection concept spares the circuit board between sensor and connecting terminal. No more installation work inside the cramped wiring space. Terminal with solder connection The sensor is soldered to the two-pole (or four-pole) terminal. Two spring clips are holding the factory-preinstalled terminal safely in place, which is secure against turning and breaking off. Terminal with screw connection on both sides At this variant, preinstallation is omitted. The terminal consists of two clamp cages with different cable cross...

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