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Rodlenses - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Product & Delivery programRod lenses for use in endoscope Technical details: y/ Raw material from SCHOTT & OHARA V Antireflection coating IRALIN™ 85 y/ Cemented Autoclavable - 150° < 0.5 h. V C cemented - tolerance <1 arcmin. >/ Individually wrapped in tissue paper In rigid endoscopes rod lenses are user to pass the „image" to the eye of the beholder. Depending if the length and use multiple rod lenses are need in an endoscope. Endoscope were originally developed for human medicine. Today, they are also used in industry for the assessment and verification of inaccessible cavities. Especially the car und aircraft industry uses rigid endoscopes. Our customers Rep a i r c o m p a n i e s , w h o l e s a l e r s o f endoscopy replacement parts and manufacturer if endoscopes belong to our customers. Your benefits in detail: V Application of modern manufacturing process V Low manufacturing tolerances y/ Short delivery times V High quality 100% inspection of outgoing goods -Consistent delivery quality Made in Germany y/ Cheap price Our Product & Delivery program for Rod lenses Product-ID    Diameter in mm    Length in mm A&S Optics GmbH RheinstraBe 60a 56203 Hohr-Grenzhausen E-Mail: info@as-optics.com Internet: www.as-optics.com Onlineshop: www.as-optics-shop.com

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