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S&C's Products and Services Information Bulletin - 104 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

102 Information Bulletin Table of Contents

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S&C Electric Company is applying its century-long history of innovation to create a more intelligent grid. S&C has deep expertise in the switching and protection technologies needed to direct the flow of electricity, as well as the control and communication technologies needed to make the grid smarter . . . a combination unrivaled by other suppliers. S&C started with a single product: the Liquid Power Fuse, invented in 1909. It was the first reliable high-voltage power fuse, and helped pioneer the widespread adoption of outdoor distribution substations. From that beginning, S&C’s line of unique...

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I N F O R M A T I O N B U L L E T I N   1 0 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS SOLUTIONS FOR IMPROVED GRID RELIABILITY 4 Introduction 6 IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System and IntelliNode™ Interface Module 10 IntelliRupter ® PulseCloser 14 Scada-Mate® Switching System 18 Scada-Mate CX™ Switching System 20 TripSaver® Dropout Recloser 22 Remote Supervisory and Source-Transfer PMH and PME Pad-Mounted Gear 24 Remote Supervisory and Source-Transfer Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear 26 High-Speed Fault-Clearing System 28 PureWave® UPS System and PureWave® UPS XT System 30 Grid Reliability Services...

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Solutions for Improved Grid Reliability S&C is the industry leader in switching, protection, and control technologies and services for improved grid reliability. IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System is the cornerstone of S&C’s offerings. This scalable system is the latest refinement to award-winning IntelliTeam®. IntelliTeam SG enables a network of switching devices to be “self-aware” of the distribution system and quickly make decisions for optimizing the system—such as reconfiguring it after a fault to restore service to the maximum number of customers . . . often in less than five seconds....

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Scada-Mate® Switching System—pages 14 -17. SOLUTIONS FOR IMPROVED GRID RELIABILITY IntelliRupter® PulseCloser—pages 10 -13. Remote Supervisory Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear— pages 24 - 25. Scada-Mate CX™ Switching System— pages 18 -19. PureWave® UPS System— pages 28 - 29. Remote Supervisory PME Pad-Mounted Gear— pages 22 - 23. TripSaver® Dropout Recloser—pages 20 - 21. 5

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IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System and IntelliNode™ Interface Module Introduced in 1997, IntelliTeam® was the first product of its kind. It uses peer-to-peer communication with distributed intelligence to track system conditions and quickly initiate service restoration. It was way ahead of its time. In 2003, S&C brought out IntelliTeam® II . . . an order of magnitude more powerful than the original. Fully scalable, it supports complex systems of virtually any size and tie points from multiple sources. It can handle as many teams of switches as line loading will allow. And each team can...

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Remote Supervisory Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear. And—with S&C’s IntelliNode™ Interface Module— IntelliTeam SG works with a wide array of new and existing DNP 3.0-compatible intelligent electronic devices from other manufacturers, including Cooper, Nu-Lec, SEL, and ABB protection relays and recloser controls. IntelliTeam SG improves service reliability for critical areas of your distribution system, and can be expanded to serve entire regions of the system. No central monitoring or SCADA control is needed . . . though SCADA is fully supported. With IntelliTeam SG, restoration proceeds...

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IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System and IntelliNode™ Interface Module You’re in Control IntelliTeam SG gives you the flexibility to select restoration strategies. You’re assured that system planning criteria are observed and that critical users get the highest priority. IntelliTeam SG can be set to limit the number of segments involved in the restoration process. The process is automatically stopped if it is not completed in a timely manner. IntelliTeam SG utilizes multiple blocking points to prevent automatic operation when your crews are working on the line. S&C will fully train your...

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Rapid Self-Healing Loss of SRC3, IntelliTeam SG If there isn’t sufficient capacity in a single source, IntelliTeam SG will instead use Expert Self-Healing to restore service to as many outaged sections as possible using all available sources. For more information on IntelliTeam SG, see S&C publication 1044-34. For more information on the IntelliNode Interface Module, see S&C publications 1043-30 and 1043-31. These publications are available on our website www.sandc.com. Go to www.sandc.com/it2a for interactive demonstrations of IntelliTeam SG derived from real test scenarios, using actual switch...

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IntelliRupter® PulseCloser IntelliRupter PulseCloser is a breakthrough in overhead and underground distribution system protection. It features revolutionary PulseClosing Technology™—a unique means for verifying that the line is clear of faults before initiating a closing operation. Pulseclosing is superior to conventional reclosing. It greatly reduces stress on system components, as well as voltage sags experienced by customers upstream of the fault. CONVENTIONAL RECLOSING PULSECLOSING PulseClosing Technology drastically reduces overcurrent stress on your system, as shown here for a phase-wire...

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Integrated voltage sensors on both sides of IntelliRupter provide ±0.5% sensing accuracy across entire temperature range. Integrated current sensors provide extremely flat response, from low-level load currents through fault current levels, with ±0.5% sensing accuracy—ensuring reliable measurements critical for system analysis Integrated pole-mounting bracket is designed for easy installation. Prevents tilting Integral power module fed from one side of IntelliRupter or, optionally, two integral power modules fed from a different phase on each side Integrated disconnect with optional wildlife protection...

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