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Series 4270 Motor Mounted Pumps - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Motor Mounted Centrifugal Pumps

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Features That Ensure Performance Excellence! Volute Mechanical Seal Radially-split volute can be left in the line while servicing the pump, eliminating needless disconnecting of pipes. Tapped openings are provided for venting, draining and gauge connections. Self-lubricating, prevents liquid spillage. A carbon face rotating against a stationary ceramic seat provides positive sealing up to full design pressure (Type 21). Adaptor Impeller High strength engineered resin or bronze impeller reduces axial thrust to a minimum, ensuring smooth performance and long life. Aluminum die cast, with integral...

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Motor Mounted Centrifugal Pumps Performance Curves Head (m) ft (USgpm) (L/min) (USgpm) (L/min) Flow Water, spgr= 1.0000 Flow Water, spgr= 1.0000 (USgpm) (L/min) (USgpm) (L/min) Flow Water, spgr= 1.0000 Flow Water, spgr= 1.0000 (USgpm) (L/min) (L/min) Flow Flow Water, spgr= 1.0000

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Note: Dimensions are in inches (mm). For exact dimensions please write factory. All pump sized are provided with NPT screwed connections. Typical Specifications Furnish and install, as shown on the plans and specifications, an Armstrong Series 4270 End Suction Motor Mounted Centrifugal Pumping Unit suitable for 150 psig (1034 kPa) working pressure with radially-split __________ casing, PEI resin or bronze impeller, 416 stainless steel shaft and single inside-type 21 mechanical seal. The driving motor shall be horizontal, solid shaft, squirrel cage induction motor with NEMA C flange and ________...

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