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Instantaneous Water Heater - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

FILE NO:115.10DATE:Aug.15, 2003 SUPERSEDES:115.10DATE:Apr.30, 2002 Instantaneous Water Heater >

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Plate & Frame heat exchanger Boiler side pressurizing pump to supply the heat exchanger Temperature controller 3-way motorized control valve High temperature safety shut off aquastat Temperature sensor on the hot water supplyThe unit is shipped fully assembled with factory default settingsprogrammed into the controller. For installation the unit requires mechanical plumbing connections for hot water supply, cold boiler return, municipal water supply, domestic recirculation, domestic hot water supply lines, and an electrical supply connection. Once installed and energized the system is ready to...

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Small Footprint Saves boiler room space Night-time temperature set-back ח Energy savings Optional Double-Wall plates No cross-contamination of domestic water Instantaneous heating ח No shortage of hot water No storage of water Reduced risk of Legionella disease Optional back-flush ח Simplified maintenance Temperature control within 4ѰF (2.2ѰC) High temperature limit switch Simple installation Control panel UL & CSA Approved Compatibility with Building Automation System Single source responsibility OPTIONS:- Back-flushing tees on Plate & Frame heat exchanger - Thermostatic mixing valve to reduce...

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urnish & install in accordance with the plans an ArmstrongInstantaneous Water Heater, Model (enter model number)___. Thefactory-assembled package shall be capable of heating (enter flow)___ USgpm (m > A single enclosure NEMA 1 control panel, wired to the pumps and 3-wayvalve actuator, shall be provided. Panel shall have main disconnect interlocked with the door, a locking door handle provided with two keys, fuses for the pump motor and starters with 3-leg overload protection. Control circuit shall includefused primary and secondary control transformers with 24 & 120-volt secondary, H-O-A switch...

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