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E.2 Series - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

file no: 10.16 date: january 2012 supersedes: 10.16 date: september 2010

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be smaller & more efficient the e.2-series dry motor circulator rmstrong E.2 Series circulators deliver outstanding value to designers, specifiers, contractors, wholesalers, OEMs and building owners. E.2 Series circulators have been re-designed to improve durability and provide enhanced protection against leakage and water damage to electrical components. New design elements include: E.2 Series circulators are designed for use in a wide range of hydronic applications, including: Hot & chilled water recirculation Domestic hot water generation Snow-melt installations Radiant heating systems Geothermal...

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lifetime value the environmentally friendly solution Broad range of circulator sizes lets you match performance to system requirements and avoid over-sizing easy to maintain & repair E.2 Series circulators are permanently lubricated, so there's no requirement for maintenance during normal operation. When the mechanical seal wears out, it can be replaced in less than five minutes, which reduces onsite labor costs for contractors. Excellent duty-point efficiency helps you reduce energy consumption leading duty-point efficiency The highly efficient dry motor design and hydraulics make the E.2 Series...

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total head – feet Wholesalers and installing contractors will appreciate the interchangeability 20 6 13 of the E.2 Series. Flange to flange dimensions and hydraulic characteristics 15 15 4 (flow and head) are matched19 many competing pumps of equal power, to 10 so it’s easy to upgrade existing installations with an E.2 Series pump. 7 17 2 8 5 Respective information is presented in the E.2 Series Technical Overview. 11 21 23 bertrand avenue toronto, ontario canada m1l 2p3 t +416 755 2291 birmingham heywood wharf, mucklow hill, halesowen west midlands b62 8dj, united kingdom t +44 (0) 8444 145 145 total...

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