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A Complete Package
The Noack tradition of building fl exible, robust and easy-to-operate blister machines has established
the company as the supplier of choice to the contract and generics markets, where fast
changeover, reliability and high utilization are essential. The changing nature of the pharmaceutical
sector means that these ideals are now applicable in every pharmaceutical plant in every part
of the world. As such, the appeal of the Noack philosophy is now universal.
In the forty years since Noack launched its fi rst machine for the newly emerging blister market, the
company has offered a unique blend of innovation and traditional values, established a loyal following
in the blister packaging sector. Noack doesn’t just deliver machines: we deliver performance
too. Our extensive menu of aftermarket service is designed to fi t seamlessly with your in-house
engineering resource, assuring maximum performance and a long life for all your Noack machines.
Tooling service
Planned maintenance
IQ/OQ assistance
Spare parts delivery
Pre audit machine inspections
Training programs
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Key Technical Data
N 623 DPN 760
Foil width max. 230 mm 165 mm
Foil indexing length max. 160 mm 140 mm
Forming depth max. 24 mm 24 mm
Ø Forming fi lm max. 700 mm 600 mm
Ø Lidding foil max. 300 mm 250 mm
Cycles max/min. 70 60
N 623
DPN 760
max 700

blister packaging machine  Noack 760/623
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    Highlights DPN 760• Quick changeover thanks to latest servo technology, format parts withquick release, lightweight format parts and electronically...
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    The accomplished track record of the high-performance N 623 intermittentmotion platen machine has made it synonymous with dependability and versatility–...
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    5Highlights N 623• High performance: max. 70 cycles, max. 420 blisters/min• Processes all common thermoformable foils and fi lms• Standard...
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    The versatile N 623 offers the ability to add downstreamtechnologies such as cartoning equipmentto further enhance fl exibility towards customers.By integrating...
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    Blisterlines Innovative Handling SystemsRomaco cartoning machines with patented doublepositive carton-opening system, blister and cartonhandling via toothed...
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