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UDK20 Double Sheet Detection System

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ROLAND ELECTRONIC Double Sheet Detection System UDK20 Electro magnetic and eddy current principles - integrated in one sensor ► Panel mount ► All common fieldbus technologies V_/ Single probe contact double sheet control of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Ferrous materials: no force after measurement, up to 4 mm (.16 in) sheet thickness. Non-ferrous materials: for sheet thickness up to approx. 4 mm (.16 in) e.g. for customary automotive aluminium alloy up to 4 mm (.16 in), Direct connection up to 2 sensors with one unit (version 2 PW) or via Sensor Switch Box up to 4 sensors Digital display of sheet thickness and operations parameter Programmable for 255 different sheet thicknesses Monitoring of over gauge and under gauge limits Monitoring of operating voltage and measuring time Opto coupled 9 respectively 11-Bit PLC input interface Selectable interfaces: - opto coupled RS232 interface - relay or opto coupled output for under gauge, nominal gauge, over gauge and enable - all common fieldbus technologies

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DOUBLE SHEET CONTROL SYSTEM UDK20 Description In the stamping plants of the automotive industry, steel is in an increasing number of cases substituted by aluminum and other nonferrous materials. When loading blanks automatically into presses care must be taken to avoid feeding double blanks into the dies. Otherwise machines or dies may be damaged resulting in expensive repairs and loss of production. The Double Sheet Detector UDK 20 can reliably prevent such double sheet conditions by monitoring steel and aluminum blanks with only one sensor. Either one or two sensors of the PW42AGS type...

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Sensor: Only the sensor PW42AGS is suitable for connection to the control unit UDK20. The connection of the older PW42GS sensorsis onlypossible to the older unit UDK10. Spring loaded sensor bracket: Spring loaded sensor bracket with vacuum cup SHS for sensor PW42AGS (also available without vacuum cup as type SH...GS). Measurement performance: Ferrous materials (steel): 0.1 mm (.004 in.) to 4.0 mm (.160 in.) single sheet thickness Non-ferrous materials: Bronze, zinc, aluminum (conductivity 1.3 - 38 millisiemens) up to 4 mm (.160 in.) single sheet thickness; copper alloy up to 3.5 mm (.137...

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DOUBLE SHEET CONTROL SYSTEM UDK20 Order data: Control unit for the connection of one sensor or Sensor Switch Box SSBUDK10: Part name Part name Connection cable between UDK20 and SSBUDK10: Sensor cable SCPWS-GG: Part name Special accesoires: Revision 1.5, August 2017 - Subject to technical modification and error Part name ROLAND ELECTRONIC GMBHOtto-Maurer-Strasse 17    75210 Keltem / Germanyphone: +49 7236 9392-0 fax: +49 7236 9392-33 info@roland-electronic.com www.roland-electronic.com

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