SIS-SPLICE-KIT-OPT Optical Splice Kit - 4 Pages

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SIS-SPLICE-KIT-OPT Optical Splice Kit

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ROLAND ELECTRONIC splicedetection at the cutting and splicing operation on steel cord • Splice Detection Unit with Vision Sensor • Full mobility of both units over the whole width • The gain setting for the sensor signal can be adjusted High-speed camera Inspection at full production speed Exact localization of fault position

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OPTICAL SPLICE KIT SIS XP-SPLICE-KIT-OPT Travelling direction Splicer / Zipper Splice Marker Constant distance Splice Mark Splice detection unit with Vision Sensor Sensor array During the tire cord production, the cut segments are joined together by the Splicer (Zipper) to a steel cord web. The quality of the splice depends on both the design of the splice and the correct Sometimes it is not possible to create a splice which correponds exactly to the cord material in terms of wire-spacing and alignment of the wires. Such deviations are therefore threated as faults by the Steel Cord...

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OPTICAL SPLICE KIT SIS XP-SPLICE-KIT-OPT Width depends on the machine -—Camera detection system movable over the entire width! Illustration: Splice Detection Unit with Vision Sensor (all dimensions in mm) Illustration: Splice Marking System (all dimensions in mm)

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OPTICAL SPLICE KIT SIS XP-SPLICE-KIT-OPT Order information: SIS XP-SPLICE-KIT-OPT Complete Splice Detection Unit (P.N. S0096500) Spare parts 2399814 Splice detection camera with Vision Sensor M0003687 Embossing Stamp for SIS XP Splice Target ROLAND ELECTRONIC GMBH

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