SIS G3 - Steel Cord Inspection System - 4 Pages

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SIS G3 - Steel Cord Inspection System

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Steelcord Inspection System SIS G3 Fault detection in Steelcord cutting and splicing operations THE ROLAND PLUS ► Easy integration into cutting line ► Inspection at full production speed ► Exact location of fault position ● Now available in the 3rd generation with Full HD for better overview! ● New functions: – Screenshot trigger – EasyView – Statistical function ● Magnetic detection technology ● For LTR, TBR, PCR and OTR ● Event recorder and defect location display The SIS G3 Steel Cord Inspection System was developed for use in cutting and splicing equipment for steel cord. It detects steel cord faults early in the production process. This prevents faulty steel cord entering the man

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STEELCORD INSPECTION SYSTEM SIS G3 System description and measuring principle: The system works according to the magnetic flux leaking principle. The sensor system consists of a magnetic probe array. The control unit reacts to dynamic changes of the magnetic field. This means that the system functions only if the steel cord web is moved with a constant minimum speed over the sensor. The recognition of faults is also dependent on the direction of the faulty material. The system shows the highest sensitivity to faulty material if the sensor and steel cord are moving parallel oriented to each...

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STEELCORD INSPECTION SYSTEM SIS G3 Technical Data * Dimensions with fan; ** Dimensions with peltier cooler Digital display of the sensor signals The five measuring channels (sensor signals) are analyzed separately and displayed as curves. If the tolerance limit is exceeded by a sensor signal, the color of the signal „lamp" switches from green to red in order to indicate a fault (see below). All fault signals are available at the systems interface for further processing. Software features: Different languages available: Chinese, Czech, German, English, Japanese, Polish, Portugese,...

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STEELCORD INSPECTION SYSTEM SIS G3 Volle Detektionsbreite = 70 mm Full Detection Width = 70 mm The characteristic curve represents the signal voltage relation in the case of a small localized fault measured in dB over the width of the sensor. Detection is possible up to 100 mm but with significantly reduced sensitivity in area outside of 70 mm. ORDER INFORMATION Part number Part description SIS G3 - PC with 21.5“ Widescreen Touch Sensor unit Sensor, 120 mm width, for connection to the sensor module Sensor module SIS XP-RSM-WE Sensor module, for connection to the sensor RCIS XP-WE120...

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