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SIS Field Concentrator FKR-2-M

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► SIS G3 Accessory ► Concentration of the Magnetic Field ► Improved Fault Detection Steel Cord Inspection System Field Concentrator SIS FKR-2-M The SIS Field Concentrator is an Add-on for the Steel Cord Inspection System SIS G3 • Concentrates the Magnetic Field of the SIS Sensors • Improves the detection of faults in the Steel Cord • Increases the sensitivity up to 100% • Supresses vertical faults (vertical displacement) • Electrical adjustable height of the rollers from 0 to10 mm in steps of 0.01 mm • Distance for loading of new cord belt material approx. 100 mm • Designed for a sensor row spacing of 109 mm • Length of the rollers is customized depending on the

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By applying the FKR-rollers, the magnetic field of the SIS sensor is amplified and respectively concentrated. Thereby the sensor signal is amplified whereas the noise signal is only marginally influenced. This leads to a considerable improvement of the signal to noise ratio (SNR). The rolling device is positioned by an electric motor over the cord belt material with a distance to the material which is equivalent to the thickness of the cord belt material. During operation the rollers are stationary and do not touch the tire cord. If a step slice or a undulated splice touches the rollers,...

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Technical data Fig.: Dimensions of the Field Concentrator SIS FKR-2-M. All dimensions in mm. View on contact mating site at FKR-2-M Emergency stop 1 Supply +24VDC 5A 2,5mm2 2 Supply GND 2,5mm2 3 PLC +24VDC 4 OUT Ready 5 OUT /E-stop1 6 OUT /E-stop2 7 NC (Optional: IN /UP-DOWN) 8 NC* ★reserved for future use Fig.: Wiring diagram of the Field Concentrator SIS FKR-2-M

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FIELD CONCENTRATOR SIS FKR-2-M Application Order information Revision 1.3, June 2018 - Subject to technical modification and error ROLAND ELECTRONIC GMBH Otto-Maurer-Strasse 17    75210 Keltem / Germany

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