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SIS Calibrator

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Steelcord Inspection System SIS XP Calibrator The SIS XP Calibrator is a tool for owners of a SIS XP Steel Cord Inspection System THE ROLAND PLUS ► SIS XP Accessory ► Independent verification of sensors ► No power necessary The purpose of this tool is to verify that: ● Each sensor works correctly ● Signals of each sensor are amplified to the same signal level ● A predefined error is detected at each sensor Components of the SIS XP calibrator ● Guiding assembly (tube) customer specific length and 4 clampíng rings ● Roller with a diameter of 160 mm and pendulum suspension ● 2 pcs. of bearing brackets for guiding assembly Important Notice: The task of sensor calibration and eventual modifications of gain factors must be executed only by a person who has been trained by a ROLAND Technician.

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The surface of the roller contains an artifical cord belt with two predefined errors (Double Wire, Missing Wire). The roller is placed above one SIS XP sensor instead of the cord belt. As soon as the conveyors drive is activated, the roller turns and the sensor receives the signal of the artificial cord belt. By changing the position of the roller from sensor to sensor, each sensor of the SIS XP System can be tested independently. Fig 1. Calibrator mounted on the repair station. Flow of conveyor belts is from right to left (see arrow). Fig 2. Resulting signals on the display of the Fig 3....

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07: Center the roller over the sensor in x- and y-axis and tighten the clamping rings. 09 08. Create a new program with full cord width (1800 mm) and activate. 09. Run the conveyor belt and start the machine. Select sensor 1 and deactivate all others. Change Gain till Double Wire (DW) reaches 80 % threshold. 11 10. Select „Calibration“ in system configuration menue. 13. Adjust all sensors on row 1 by performing step and step 07 11 14. Adjust all sensors on row 2 by performing step and step Press „Done“ 11. Select the sensor for calibration (A), click on sensor button (B), adjust gain value...

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Technical data ROLAND ELECTRONIC GMBH Otto-Maurer-Strasse 17 75210 Keltem / Germany TBSP iLJs

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