SHX42 Spring Mounted Sensor Bracket - 4 Pages

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SHX42 Spring Mounted Sensor Bracket

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ROLAND ELECTRONIC Spring Mounted Sensor Bracket for single-sided sheet thickness centering stations Decompressed condition: very stiff, for lateral acceleration up to 2 g, precise putting on the sheet without canting, also on fanned sheets Compressed condition: very elastic and movable into all directions Compensation also of lateral motions up to approx. 1 cm Minimal wear due to absence of lateral forces Fast suction and release of the sheets due to small air volume Same rubber lips and rubber pressure pad as in use • Good access to the sensor from above,

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SENSOR BRACKET SHX42 Technical Data Applicable sensors P42GS, P42AGS, PW42GS, PW42AGS Diameter of suction cup 110 mm Spring travel approx. 80 mm Total height approx. 120 mm Pressure on the sheet approx. 22 N (spring force and selfweight with sensor) Weight 850 g without sensor, 1200 g with sensor P42AGS Mounting of holder M8 tap holes in the mounting plate, use at least 2 of them for mounting Mounting of sensor Thread M42×1.5, clamping by screw and NBR pressure pad Vacuumfeed for suction cup Plug fitting for outside calibrated hose 8 mm Mounting: The mounting plate has a total of 10 M8 tap...

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SENSOR BRACKET SHX42 100 50 50 Dimensions 90 14,7 100 50 n 98 150 1.5 2x M4 98 150 14,7 25 50 A max. 120 83 B 1.5 42x M C ca. n110 Replacing the rubber parts Pull the rubber lips (order Nr. 2395110) over the lower edge. Both sides can be used. Pay attention for undamaged sealing lips at the inner and outer edge as well as for uniform projection of the sealing edge. The rubber pressure pad (order Nr. 2395109) is bonded permanently in the suction area with Cyanoacrylate. Ordering information Order number Description SHX42 Sensor bracket (complete) SHX42-STRAP-80 Strap set SHX-AZ2-25 Shank 25...

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PRODUCT PROGRAM SENSOR BRACKETS Type SHS42GS SHS42G-FB SHX42 Spring loaded sensor Spring loaded sensor Spring loaded sensor Spring loaded sensor Shank for 25 mm clamp bracket with bellow bracket with flat bracket bracket with flat collar / swivel arm suction cup suction cup suction cup and lateral clearance Fits to P42GS P42GS P42GS P42GS P42AGS P42AGS P42AGS P42AGS PW42GS PW42GS PW42GS PW42GS PW42AGS PW42AGS PW42AGS PW42AGS Thread M42 x 1.5 Thread M42 x 1.5 Thread M42 x 1.5 Thread M42 x 1.5 Sensor mounting M8 tap holes Mounting hole 20.5 mm for hole 20.5 mm for hole 20.5 mm for SHK...

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