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Our customers appreciate the decades of experience in the “Magnetic Technologies” that have made us an indispensable partner for the Metal Processing Industry. ABOUT US We develop, produce and distribute highly specialized systems for factory automation and quality control since 1965. Our sensors and controllers solve tasks that are not solvable with standard sensors. Q U A L I T Y Our heart beats for quality “Made in Germany”. Since 1995, our company is certified to ISO 9001. As owner of a flexible, modern company, we provide our customers with the certainty that they can count on our...

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General Sheet Metal Processing Tube Manufacturing Automotive Suppliers Automotive Home Appliances Metal Packaging Tire Industry Cable & Wire Industry ... and many more, such as: Metall Fitting Industry, Lighting, Cabinett & Furniture, Construction Vehicles, etc Battery Market Photovoltaic Industry Pharma Industry

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► Inspection of sheet thickness and output of a warning signal when detecting double sheet. ► Protects your machinery from expensive tool damage and loss of production. Single Side contacting sensors For better understanding: ► Measuring range refers to 1 sheet. ► Steel also applies to magnetic stainless steel. ► Measuring ranges fur many other metals are listed in the manuals. ► Many other sensors with their measuring ranges are described in our manuals. ► The measuring time may change depending on material thickness and operation mode; see our manuals for further details.

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► Alpha numeric display ► 3 switching outputs ► Teach-In function ► Cost-effective solutions for many industries. ► One side contacting or double-sided non-contacting measurement. ► Fast reaction. 1 Sensor channel 1 Program 3 Outputs / 1 Input Cable length maximum 20m Eddy current Inductive transmission process Sensor with 20mA analog output Measuring time Measuring time

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DOUBLE SHEET DETECTION SYSTEMS MODULAR UNITS R1000 ► R1000 systems are optimized in all their components to achieve highest security and reliability. ► Perfect for press lines with fast cycle times. ► 9 of the 10 of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers use R1000. 255 Programs 1 to 4 sensor channels Parallel interface to the PLC, 9 fieldbus systems Cable length maximum 50m

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► Spring loaded sensor brackets for various applications. The following overview indicates the advantages of each sensor bracket. ► High flexibility ► Minimal wear ► Low weight For robot loader and high speed    +    o    o linear destackers For inclined sheet stacks Suction delay time Notes    Highest tilt flexibility, Strong hold on even Suited for utmost sensor For narrow sheets and highest spring travel. sheets due to suction contact on inclined or applications where Rigid during approach    cup    undulated sheet stacks weight is critical For high lateral acceleration (< 2g)

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► Detection of invisible weld seams ► Highest reliability against wrong positioning ► Easy adaptation to different tubes WELD SEAM DETECTION SYSTEMS ► Detection of the position of a weld seam by flux leakage or by eddy current. ► For all tube processing machinery that require a precise weld seam position. ► For all punching and cut to length facilities working with welded coils. Longitudinal weld seam detection at tubes Recommended for    Recommended for    Recommended for    Recommended for    Recommended for Automotive Industry    Metal Packaging Industry    Steel Service...

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weld seam detection systems ► Send your sample to the ROLAND Application Laboratory and you will receive a report about which device combination will fit best tasks. ► Wide range of applications for our systems: Automotive / Metal packing / Construction vehicles / Steel Service Center / Steel Furniture / Lighting ... Tube bending machine with automatic loader (Source: Lang Tube Tec) Eddy current Eddy current Wall thickness Up to solid material Material width Type of Weld Seam Type of Weld Seam We are also specialized in: Butt weld seam and butt joint detection at sheets ► Recommendation for...

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► Continuous measurement of thickness of ferrous and non-ferrous metals by proven technologies. ► For blanking presses, slitting lines, cut-to-length lines, scroll shears and other coil processing machinery. ► Non-contacting sensors, laser based. ► Traversing thickness gauging ► Integrated guiding ► Full automatic calibration (nulling) Static measuring / dynamic measuring C-Frame non-contactWith traversing unit Longitudinal slitting line (Source: Kohler Maschinenbau) LTM-SMART / LTM-MAXI Technology Material Measuring range Resolution Accuracy Traversing area Integrated guiding Autom. inline...

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NON DESTRUCTIVE MATERIAL TESTING STEEL CORD INSPECTION ► Spacing control in steel cord cutting and splicing facilities during production of tires. Detects faults and quality defects. ► Coverage up to 100% of steel cord width by an array of up to 16 sensors. • Non destructive testing of Steel Cord Belts in real time • For LTR, TBR, PCR and dump truck tires • Exact fault position ► Easy integration into cutting line ► Inspection at full production speed ► Exact location of the fault position • SIS-ACU Angle Control Unit • SIS-FKR-2-M Concentrator • SIS-Calibrator • SCS20

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Non destructive material testing Eddy Current INSPECTION SYSTEMS THE ROLAND PLUS ► Fully graphical user interface ► Integrated PLC interface ► Support by the ROLAND Application laboratory ► Detection of defective spots, cracks, holes, notches, interruptions, welding defects, welding points, cable connections, alloy changes, etc. by eddy current. ► For the inspection of semi-finished bars, tubes, wires, cables directly within the production line. Crack test of automotive components (Source: König Metall) Eddy current Eddy current Frequency range Frequency range Measuring channels Measuring...

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