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ROLAND ELECTRONIC Weld Seam Detection Sensor NS9N-AAD-SC Weld Seam Detection in narrow steel strips for magnetizable steels as well as for austenitic stainless steel • Suitable for narrow steel strips • Independent of optical surface discolorations • Also suitable for start and stop processes • Analog outputs 4 to 20 mA or 2 to 10 V for the connection to the PLC • Cost-efficient control unit XA100-S THE ROLAND PLUS ► Very high detection reliability ► Independent from optical surfaces ► Detection of invisible weld seams • Two different operating frequencies are selectable The Roland Company has now developed a new Weld Seam Detector based on the eddy current principle for these type of semi-finished steel strips. The system consists of a magnetizing unit and an eddy current encircling coil sensor that can be directly connected to the PLC. The orifice of the encircling coil is suitable for material with the dimensions 1.575 in x 0.315 in. In ferromagnetic materials, the premagnetization increases the process reliability of the system.

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WELD SEAM DETECTION SENSOR NS9N-AAD-SC Description: During the continuous processing of narrow gauge steel strips and other long products (such as cable, wires), it is nesessary to detect the joints between individual segments (e.g. strip coils with transverse welds, cable coils with connectors). Function: Materials, such as narrow gauge steel strips, cables and wires are fed through the eddy current encircling coil and transported continuously during the measurement process. The sensor detects the weld seam at stand-still as well as during continuous transportation. The steel rollers...

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Technical data The transportation velocity of the strip should not exceed 16.40 ft/s. This implies that the PLC can capture and process the signals at a rate of 5 kHz. If this is not possible, then the control unit XA100 from Roland is available to generate the required output switch signal.

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WELD SEAM DETECTION SENSOR NS9N-AAD-SC Connections at XA100- S Connector M12 Supply voltage / signal at the control unit Cable    Cable black    grey +24 VDC supply voltage Current input (4 - 20 mA) GND Voltage input (2 -10 V) PLC - Output brown white blue black grey brown white green yellow grey Enclosure HAN 3A, EMI-type metrical 7-pin insert and PE Order information: Order information Revision 1.3, December 2018 - Subject to technical modification and error ROLAND ELECTRONIC GMBH Otto-Maurer-Strasse 17    75210 Keltem / Germany

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