I20 Double Sheet Detector for all metals with non-contacting sensors - 4 Pages

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I20 Double Sheet Detector for all metals with non-contacting sensors

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Double Sheet Detection System I20 Double Sheet Detection System for ferrous and non-ferrous material Inductive principles THE ROLAND PLUS ► All common Fieldbus standards ► Two types of enclosure available ► Additional application possibilities Double sided non contact double sheet control of ferrous and non ferrous material. Additional range of applications become possible in combination with special sensors for part inspection, material inspection and hardness inspection*. 4 exchangeable linearized pairs of sensors for double sheet control of 0.05 —16 mm (.001 - .630 inch) sheet thickness. 4-channel version allows connection of up to four pairs of sensors ● Suitable for magnetic feeder system ● Calibration by Teach-In procedure ● Digital display of sheet thickness and operational parameters ● Integrated fieldbus interface with process and parameter interface ● Monitoring of over-gauge and under-gauge limit ● Monitoring of operating voltage sensor gaps ● Available as wall mounting enclosure or as front panel mounting * Ask for brochures to the additional rang

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Description: Flexible Manufacturing Systems in the sheet processing industry require reliable Double Sheet Control systems in order to protect presses and other sheet processing machines against damage caused by feeding multiple sheets. The Double Sheet Detector R1000 I20 was specifically developed for this technical environment. Depending on the application (type of material, thickness, sensor gap) the I20 can be used with up to four pairs of sensors. The reliable function of the Double Sheet Detector depends therefore most importantly on the selection of the correct sensors and the...

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Sensors: For performing Double Sheet Detection with I20 the following sensor pairs are required: IS/IE20-30GS, IS/IE42-30GS or ISQ42S / IEQ42S. To perform part inspection, material inspection, or hardness inspection the sensor pair ISQ160S / IEQ160S has to be used. Technical Data Double Sheet Detection Sheet thickness: Sensor pair ISQ42S / IEQ42S or sensor pair ISQ42FS / IEQ42FS

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DOUBLE SHEET CONTROL SYSTEM I20 Versions of control unit I20, Fieldbus included Revision 1.5, July 2018 - Subject to technical modification and error Order information

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