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Eddy Current Inspection System ECT40

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Eddy Current Inspection System ECT40 System for fault inspection of metallic semiproducts such as tubes, coils, wires and cables by eddy current measurement. Absolute and differential channel Frequencies: 1 kHz - 2 MHz Real-time communication of measurement module with the evaluation computer via Ethernet I/O interface for automation Evaluation computer for visualization and operation of the measurement channels THE ROLAND PLUS Compact design Full HD graphics resolution

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EDDY CURRENT INSPECTION SYSTEM ECT40 Description: The ECT40 serves the fault inspection of metallic semiproducts such as tubes, coils, wires, cables and bars. conception of the system. Focussed applications of the system are inspection of surface, volume or subareas like weld seam, using one or more sensor coils. Measurement principle: The measurement principle is based on the process of eddy current measurement. For measuring, sensor coils of different shapes are used, during the process the material is led by resp. through the coil. When the material passes / transits the sensor,...

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EDDY CURRENT INSPECTION SYSTEM ECT40 Visualization and operation: The visualization of operations is performed with a supplied software for Windows OS, as well as the operation of the measurement channel. The software communicates with the measuring module via Ethernet. The whole administration and the complete log is Sensorics: For the ECT40 coil holders with exchangeable encircling coils and probe heads are available. Segment coils are under preparation. quickly converted to another material diameter. Exchangeable coils for material diameter steps of 2 mm Additional coil diameters are...

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High pass filter: Voltage supply: Power consumption: Ambient temperature: Protection class: Data interface: Sensor interface: Differential / Absolute coil with separate Pluggable at front side Ambient temperature: Protection class : Voltage supply: Power consumption: Graphics resolution: Other features: Operating system: Ambient temperature: Protection class : For installation inside a control panel Opto coupler 24 VDC, 4 inputs / 4 outputs, 100 MBit/s Ethernet not used Order specification Industrial PC for connection of the ECT40 modules, with a resolution of 1980x1080 Full HD Sensor...

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