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ECT40 Eddy Current Inspection System

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ROLAND ELECTRONIC Eddy Current Inspection System System for fault inspection of metallic semiproducts such as wires, cables, tubes and coils by Eddy current Modular design Synchrone data processing of the measurement channels Real-time communication of the measurement channels Industrial interfaces for automation Host-PC for visualisation and operation of the measurement

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EDDY CURRENT INSPECTION SYSTEM ECT40 The ECT40 serves the fault inspection of metallic semiproducts such as wires, cables, bars, tubes and coils. It has been specifically developed for the use in the quality control area. Focal points of the system are inspection of surface, volume or subareas like weld seam, using one or more sensor coils. In the field of eddy current testing, the following inspection standards are usually applied: ASTM, API, BS, JIS, ETTC, ENEL, Measurement principle The measurement principle is based on the process of eddy current measurement. For measuring, sensor coils...

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EDDY CURRENT INSPECTION SYSTEM ECT40 The eddy current measurement modules can be accommodated separate from the Host PC (ECT40-PC) and connected via Ethernet cable. There are single channel and dual channel modules. The dual channel modules work phase synchronous with a common transmitter. As interface to the PLC, modules with 24V I/O are available as well as systems with Profibus DP or Profinet 10. Other Fieldbus systems are under preparation. The visualization of operations is performed with a supplied software for Windows OS, as well as the operation of the measurement channel. The...

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EDDY CURRENT INSPECTION SYSTEM ECT40 Technical data Interface module encoder with 5 V Interface Profibus DP-Slave Interface, encoder with 5 V interface Profinet IO-Slave interface, encoder with 5 V interface Eddy current electronics, differntial channel Low pass filter: 5 -1000 Hz in 18 steps High pass filter: (0), 1 -1000 Hz in 23 steps Phase: adjustable in steps of 1 ° Eddy current electronics, absolute channel High pass filter: Sample rate: Other module data Supply voltage: Power consumption: circle, sector, double sector, box, Order information Protection class: Ambient temperature:...

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