Double Layer Control for Li-Ion electrodes and thin non-magnetic metal foils (WF14x15AQ153S) - 4 Pages

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Double Layer Control for Li-Ion electrodes and thin non-magnetic metal foils (WF14x15AQ153S)

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WF14x15AQ153S DATA SHEET Page 1 / 4 Double Layer Control for Li-Ion electrodes and non-magnetic metal foils Eddy current measurement principle Product of conductivity and thickness: 300-3000 / Ohm For mounting in „Schmalz Wafer Gripper SWG“ Very fast response time – less than 20 ms Analogue output for connecting to the PLC 1 – Li-Ion electrode 2 – Roland Sensor WF14x15AQ153S 3 – Schmalz Wafer Gripper SWG

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WF14x15AQ153S DATA SHEET Page 2 / 4 LED Supply voltage green: voltage is present off: no voltage M8 Supply voltage /Signal Flange (male) plug M8 Supply voltage / Signal Pin 1 → +24 VDC Supply voltage Pin 2 → Output current (4 - 20mA) Pin 3 → GND Pin 4 → Output voltage (2 – 10V) → brown → white → blue → black Important notes: The Sensor WF14x15AQ153S was constructed for Schmalz Wafer Gripper SWG. This sort of Gripper is ideal for the Double Layer Control. The following requirements are complied: 1. No conductive material in the area around the sensor tube with a diameter of 26mm 2. The air...

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WF14x15AQ153S DATA SHEET Page 3 / 4 Dependence of the output voltage to the type of electrode and the air gap (Electrodes) Output voltage [v] 1 Anode (Cu) 2 Anode (Cu) 3 Anode (Cu) 1 Cathode (Al) 2 Cathode (Al) 3 Cathode (Al) Typical data Air gap range without restrictions: Maximal value for air gap1: Air gap tolerance During measuring … Air gap 0,0 mm … Air gap 1.0 mm … Air gap up to 1.4 mm Analogue signal latency time Full scale Supply voltage: Supply current: Output voltage: Output voltage load: Output current: Output current load: Temperature range: Sensor weight: Larger air gaps can...

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WF14x15AQ153S DATA SHEET Page 4 / 4 according technical drawing below Order data Sensor with M8 connection (incl. screw M4x 16)

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