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DOUBLE SHEET DETECTOR C100-S NONCONTACT DOUBLE SHEET DETECTION AND THICKNESS GAUGING SYSTEM for metallic materials Dual sided capacitance distance measurement with integrated temperature probe Noncontact measurement of metals No Teach-in required Two unit types with 10 and 20 mm sensor gap Double Sheet Detection: Sheet Thickness Gauging: Nominal thicknesses are easily entered by key operation or via control input LCD display of nominal and actual values as well as operational and fault messages Sensors and control electronics in one integrated enclosure, quick disconnect, protection class IP54 Application When feeding sheets automatically, more than one sheet can be inadvertently fed into the processing machine. This can result in damage of the machine and tools, expensive repairs and production loss. The dual probe Double Sheet Detector C100-S has been designed to prevent such events. The manual contains detailed security instructions These devices are NOT suitable for personnel safety applications. Never use these products as sensing devices for personnel protection. Their use as a safety device may create an unsafe condition which could lead to injury or death.

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DOUBLE SHEET DETECTOR C100-S Measurement principle The system functions according to capacitance principle by measuring distances from both sides of the measurement object. The sketch below depicts the measurement principle. The sheet together with the electrodes are two separate parallel plate capacitors. In a plate capacitor the capacitance C depends on the plate area A, the plate gap d, the electric constant ε 0 and the relative permittivity ε r . As long as the plate areas and the dielectric remain constant, the capacitance is a value for the corresponding distance beween the sheet and...

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DOUBLE SHEET DETECTOR C100-S Technical data Supply voltage Power consumption Power / Switching indication LCD display, 2 lines, 16 chars. each Ambient temperature Switching outputs 0-1-2 - Sheet Open Emitter (NPN) of opto coupler outputs Temperature drift of switching point Switching capacity Measurement period The minimum retention time of the sheet in the sensor gap is 500 ms. Material requirements electrically conductive, flat, dry Measurement target size Measuring conditions: Situation Plan parallel situation within the measuring gap allowable variation < ±1° in x, y-Axes Measuring...

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