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"EMC Test and Measurement Products Catalog 2010/2011" - 37 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

EMC Test & Measurement Products Catalog 2010/2011 RfiSESUEMI Test Receiver The R&S*ESU is a family of CISPR16-1-1-compilant EMI tes! receivers lhat meet ail civil and military standards for electromagnetic disturbance measure-ments. > For more dtails, see page 12. R&SrHL046E High Gain Log*Periodic Antenna I I I III R&SCR-Lina Compact Test Chomber FtaSsTS-EMF Portable EMF Measurement System ROHDE&SCHWARZ

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EMC Test and Measurement Products Catalog 2010/2011 Company profile Our business fields and products 2 Services 5 Headquarters, contact, plants, subsidiaries 6 Global sales and service locations 7 EMC and field strength test solutions Introduction 8 EMC standards in the European Economic Area 9 Equipment required for EMI measurements to specific standards 10 Dear customer, this current catalog will give you an overview to all Rohde & Schwarz EMC products. For detailed information, please refer to our website and put in the respective type of the product as search term. EMI...

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2 Rohde & Schwarz EMC Test and Measurement Products | Catalog 2010/2011 Company Profile Our business fields The privately owned company group has a global presence. It develops, produces and markets a wide range of electronic capital goods for industry, infrastructure operators and government agencies. Rohde & Schwarz numbers among the market leaders in all of its business fields, including wireless communications and RF test and measurement, terrestrial TV broadcasting and technologies relating to the interception and analysis of radio signals. Numerous subsidiaries and representatives not only...

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Company Profile Rohde & Schwarz EMC Test and Measurement Products | Catalog 2010/2011 3 Test and measurement. Our test and measurement portfolio JJ Instruments and systems for testing mobile radio and wireless technologies JJ Spectrum and signal analyzers JJ Signal generators JJ Network analyzers JJ Coverage measurement systems JJ EMC and field strength test solutions JJ Modular instruments JJ Power meters and voltmeters JJAudio analyzers JJ Video and TV generators and analyzers JJ Modulation analyzers JJ Power supplies JJ RF and microwave accessories JJ Industrial PCs Test and measurement Rohde...

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4 Rohde & Schwarz EMC Test and Measurement Products | Catalog 2010/2011 Company Profile Broadcasting. Secure communications. Our secure communications portfolio JJ Integrated communications systems for the following WW Civil and military air traffic control (ATC) WW Army WW Navy WW Air force JJ Encryption technology Our broadcasting portfolio JJ Digital and analog TV transmitters for all power classes and all conventional standards worldwide, including mobile TV JJ Digital and analog sound broadcast transmitters JJ Broadcast and video test instruments and systems Secure communications Radiocommunications...

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Service you can rely on J Worldwide J Local and personalized J Customized and flexible J Uncompromising quality J Long-term dependability Company Profile Rohde & Schwarz EMC Test and Measurement Products | Catalog 2010/2011 5 Radiomonitoring and radiolocation. Services. Services Rohde & Schwarz operates a global service network in order to safeguard the investments of its customers. The following on-site services are offered worldwide: JJ Calibration JJ Maintenance and repair JJ Product updates and upgrades By cooperating with the regional Rohde & Schwarz service centers as well as the factories...

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6 Rohde & Schwarz EMC Test and Measurement Products | Catalog 2010/2011 Company Profile Headquarters At company headquarters in Munich, around 2000 employees work in research and development, central sales and service, marketing and administration. Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG Mühldorfstraße 15 D-81671 München Phone +49 89 41 29 0 Fax +49 89 41 29 121 64 Contact Sales The addresses of the local sales companies can be found at: Customer Support Our regional support centers will be glad to answer any questions regarding...

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Canada USA Mexico Brazil Colombia Argentina Uruguay Chile South Africa United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia India Pakistan Kazakhstan Mongolei Oman China Tanzania Kenya Ethiopia Sudan Egypt Israel Syria Jordan Iran Senegal Ghana Nigeria Algeria Tunisia Japan South Korea Malaysia Indonesia Australia Singapore New Zealand Philippines Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Germany Iceland Dallas Manaus São Paulo Portland Ottawa New Delhi Hyderabad Bangalore Shanghai Shenzhen Beijing Hong Kong Los Angeles Baltimore/Washington Munich Cologne United Kingdom Ukraine Turkey Switzerland Sweden Spain Russian Federation Romania...

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EMC and Field Strength Test Solutions 8 Rohde & Schwarz EMC Test and Measurement Products | Catalog 2010/2011 Introduction EMC = EMI + EMS Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the capability of an electrical device or system to operate in its electromagnetic environment without disturbing or being disturbed by it. EMC is an important criterion of product quality. To ensure EMC of a product in the most economical way, appropriate measures should be taken early in the design phase. In line with the definition, EMC is subdivided into electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility...

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EMC and Field Strength Test Solutions Rohde & Schwarz EMC Test and Measurement Products | Catalog 2010/2011 9 EMC standards in the European Economic Area The number of standards published in the Official Journals is steadily increasing. The different types of standards include “generic standards“, which can be applied in all cases which are not covered by specific product or product family standards. The product (family) standards are divided into standards limiting low-frequency and highfrequency emission (radio disturbance suppression) and standards defining the requirements of immunity to electromagnetic...

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EMC and Field Strength Test Solutions 10 Rohde & Schwarz EMC Test and Measurement Products | Catalog 2010/2011 Equipment Required for EMI Measurements to Specific Standards Group of Equipment Industrial, scientific and medical equipment Vehicles with combustion engines, remote/built-in RFI suppression Sound and TV broadcast receivers Electrical devices, household appliances and tools Fluorescent lamps and luminaires Information technology equipment (ITE) Military equipment and systems Generic emission standards Mains signaling equipment Cabled distribution systems TV/sound Uninterruptible power...

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