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LASER TRIANGULATION SENSORS RF603 SERIES Position, dimensions, surface profiles, deformations, vibrations measurement, sorting and sensing presence or absence ■■ Universal laser sensors ■■ Measuring ranges from 2 to 1250 mm ■■ Linearity ±0.05% ■■ Resolution ±0.01% ■■ Sampling rate up to 9.4 kHz ■■ RS232/RS485/Ethernet/CAN +4...20 mA/0...10V ■■ Binocular sensors ■■ Sensors with BLUE lasers liquid level industry tests BASIC TECHNICAL DATA RF603- Light source Base distance X, мм Measurement range, mm Linearity, % Resolution, % Temperature drift Max. measurement frequency, Hz Light source model output power laser safety Class model output power laser safety Class model output power laser safety Class Output interface digital analog Environment resistance Synchronization input Logic output Power supply, V Power consumption, W Enclosure rating Vibration Shock Operation temperature, °С Relative humidity Storage temperature , °С Housing material Weight (without cable) 35, 55 95 45, 65, 105 60, 90, 140 80 125 145 245 30 50 100 250 500 750 1000 ±0.05 of the range 0.01 of the range (for the digital output only) 0,02% of the range/˚С 9400 RED semiconductor laser, 660 nm wavelength or UV semiconductor laser 405 nm wavelength (BLUE version) RF603 ≤3 mW 3R (IEC60825-1) RF603L ≤0,95 mW 2 (IEC60825-1) RFR603Р ≤20 mW 3В (IEC60825-1) RS232 (max. 460,8 kbit/s) or RS485 (max. 921,6 kbit/s) or RS232 and CAN V2.0B (max 1Mbit/s) or Ethernet and (RS32 or RS485) 4…20 mA (£500 Ω load) or 0…10 V 2,4 – 5 V (CMOS, TTL) programmed functions, NPN: 100 mA max; 40 V max for output 9 …36 1,5...2 IP67 ( for the sensors with cable connector only) 20g/10…1000Hz, 6 hours, for each of XYZ axes 30 g / 6 ms -10…+60, (-30…+60 for the sensors with in-built heater), (-30…+120 for the sensors with in-built heater and air cooling housing) 5-95% (no condensation) -20…+70 aluminum 100 gram Note 1: RF603-R-39/4 sensor is designed to use with mirror surfaces and glass

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LASER TRIANGULATION SENSORS RF603 SERIES OVERALL DIMENSIONS Sensors are equipped by cable gland or connector. Sensors with CAN or Ethernet interface are equipped by two connectors. RF603 sensor with cable gland (CG) RF603 sensor with connector (CC) RF603 sensor with 2 connectors (CC) EXAMPLE OF DESIGNATION WHEN ORDERING RF603(BLUE)(L/Р)-X/D(R)-SERIAL-ANALOG-IN-AL-СС(R)(90)-M-H-P-B Symbol (BLUE) L X D (R) SERIAL ANALOG IN Description Blue (405 nm) laser option L or Р – attribute showing Laser safety Class 2 or Class 3В Base distance (beginning of the range), mm Measurement range, mm Round shape...

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