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Product- / part number index
Type: Voltage: Part-nr.: Type: Voltage: Part-nr.:
NAGA 24 V DC AR.9663.9000 SAFE 1 24 V AC/DC AR.9655.2000
NAGA 24 V AC AR.9663.8000 SAFE 1.1 24 V AC/DC AR.9654.2000
NAGA 24 V AC/DC AR.9663.2000 SAFE 2 24 V AC/DC AR.9656.2000
NAGA 48 V AC AR.9663.3000 SAFE 2.1 24 V AC/DC AR.9657.2000
NAGA 110-127 V AC AR.9663.4000 SAFE 2.2 24 V AC/DC AR.9657.2010
NAGA 230 V AC AR.9663.5000 SAFE 4 24 V AC/DC AR.9659.2000
NAGAO 24 V DC AR.9665.9000 SAFE 4 110-127 V AC AR.9659.4000
NAGAO 24 V AC AR.9665.8000 SAFE 4 230 V AC AR.9659.5000
NAGAO 24 V AC/DC AR.9665.2000 SAFE 4.1 24 V AC/DC AR.9660.2000
NAGAO 48 V AC AR.9665.3000 SAFE 4.1 110-127 V AC AR.9660.4000
NAGAO 110-127 V AC AR.9665.4000 SAFE 4.1 230 V AC AR.9660.5000
NAGAO 230 V AC AR.9665.5000 SAFE 5 24 V AC/DC AR.9645.2000
NAGL 24 V AC/DC AR.9610.2000 SAFE 5.1 24 V AC/DC AR.9646.2000
NAGL 48 V AC AR.9610.3000 SAFE C1 24 V DC AR.9680.9000
NAGL 110-127 V AC AR.9610.4000 SAFE CL 24 V DC AR.9680.9001
NAGL 230 V AC AR.9610.5000 SAFE CM 24 V DC AR.9680.9002
NAGL.1 24 V DC AR.9610.9003 SAFE CZ 24 V DC AR.9680.9003
NAGMP 12 V DC AR.9605.1001 SAFE FLEX 24 V DC auf Anfrage
NAGMP 24 V DC AR.9605.9001 SAFE L.2 24 V AC/DC AR.9671.2100
NAGMP 24 V AC AR.9605.8001 SAFE M 24 V AC/DC AR.9647.2000
NAGMP 24 V AC/DC AR.9605.2001 SAFE M.1 24 V AC/DC AR.9648.2000
NAGMP 110-127 V AC AR.9605.4001 SAFE S.6 24 V DC AR.9650.9000
NAGMP 230 V AC AR.9605.5001 SAFE S.6 24 V AC AR.9650.8000
NAGMP.1 12 V DC AR.9605.1002 SAFE S.6 24 V AC/DC AR.9650.2000
NAGMP.1 24 V DC AR.9605.9002 SAFE S.6 48 V AC AR.9650.3000
NAGMP.1 24 V AC AR.9605.8002 SAFE S.6 110-127 V AC AR.9650.4000
NAGMP.1 24 V AC/DC AR.9605.2002 SAFE S.6 230 V AC AR.9650.5000
NAGMP.1 110-127 V AC AR.9605.4002 SAFE TN 24 V AC/DC AR.9621.2010
NAGMP.1 230 V AC AR.9605.5002 SAFE TA 24 V AC/DC AR.9621.2011
NAGT 24 V AC/DC AR.9661.2000 SAFE TR 24 V AC/DC AR.9621.2012
NAGT 110-127VAC/24VDC AR.9661.4000 SAFE TU 24 V AC/DC AR.9621.2013
NAGT 230 V AC AR.9661.5000 SAFE TON 24 V AC/DC AR.9621.2100
NAGT.1 110-127VAC/24VDC AR.9661.4005 SAFE X4 24 V AC/DC AR.9613.2000
NAGT.1 230 V AC AR.9661.5005 SAFE X4 48 V AC AR.9613.3000
NAGU.12 24 V DC AR.9667.9012 SAFE X4 110-127 V AC AR.9613.4000
NAGU.1 24 V DC AR.9667.9010 SAFE X4 230 V AC AR.9613.5000
NAGU.2f 24 V DC AR.9667.9020 SAFE X4.1 24 V AC/DC AR.9613.2010
NAGV 24 V DC AR.9640.9000 SAFE X4.1 48 V AC AR.9613.3010
NAGV 24 V AC AR.9640.8000 SAFE X4.1 110-127 V AC AR.9613.4010
NAGV 24 V AC/DC AR.9640.2000 SAFE X4.1 230 V AC AR.9613.5010
NAGV 110-127 V AC AR.9640.4000 SAFE Z 24 V DC AR.9672.9000
NAGV 230 V AC AR.9640.5000 SAFE Z.2 24 V AC/DC AR.9673.2000
NAGX5 24 V AC/DC AR.9615.2000 SAFE Z.2 48 V AC AR.9673.3000
SAFE Z.2 110-127 V AC AR.9673.4000
SAFE Z.2 230 V AC AR.9673.5000
Only for spare part: No longer available:
Type: Voltage: Part-nr.: Type: Voltage: Part-nr.: Succeding product
FA 1 24 V DC auf Anfrage NAGE 24 V AC AR.9607.8000 NAGMP/P.1
FI 1 24 V DC auf Anfrage NAGE 24 V AC/DC AR.9607.2000 NAGMP/P.1
NAGU.1b 24 V DC auf Anfrage NAGE 24 V DC AR.9607.9000 NAGMP/P.1
NAGZ 24 V DC AR.9611.9000 NAGE 110-127 V AC AR.9607.4000 NAGMP/P.1
NAGZ 24 V AC AR.9611.8000 NAGE 230 V AC AR.9607.5000 NAGMP/P.1
NAGZ 48 V AC AR.9611.3000 NAGK 12 V AC/DC AR.9662.1000 NAGA bzw. NAGA/O
NAGZ 110-127 V AC AR.9611.4000 NAGK 24 V AC AR.9662.2000 NAGA bzw. NAGA/O
NAGZ 230 V AC AR.9611.5000 NAGK 110-127 V AC AR.9662.4000 NAGA bzw. NAGA/O
SAFE IL.1 24 V DC auf Anfrage NAGK 230 V AC AR.9662.5000 NAGA bzw. NAGA/O
SAFE IL.2 24 V DC auf Anfrage NAGM 12 V AC/DC AR.9605.1000 NAGMP bzw. NAGMP.1
SAFE IL L 24 V DC auf Anfrage NAGM 24 V AC AR.9605.8000 NAGMP bzw. NAGMP.1
SAFE IL Z 24 V DC auf Anfrage NAGM 24 V AC/DC AR.9605.2000 NAGMP bzw. NAGMP.1
SAFE IRZ.2 24 V AC/DC AR.1632.2010 NAGM 24 V DC AR.9605.9000 NAGMP bzw. NAGMP.1
SAFE L 24 V AC/DC AR.9671.2000 NAGM 110-127 V AC AR.9605.4000 NAGMP bzw. NAGMP.1
SAFE L.1 24 V AC/DC AR.9671.2010 NAGM 230 V AC AR.9605.5000 NAGMP bzw. NAGMP.1
NAGX4 24 V AC AR.9614.8000 SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1 oder NAGX5
NAGX4 24 V AC/DC AR.9614.2000 SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1 oder NAGX5
Following devices are still available NAGX4 24 V DC AR.9614.9000 SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1 oder NAGX5
with some changes NAGX4 110-127 V AC AR.9614.4000 SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1
NAGU 24 V DC AR.9667.9000 NAGX4 230 V AC AR.9614.5000 SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1
detachable clamps NAGX8 24 V AC AR.9618.8000 zwei SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1 oder NAGX5
NAGX8 24 V AC/DC AR.9618.2000 zwei SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1 oder NAGX5
NAGX8 24 V DC AR.9618.9000 zwei SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1 oder NAGX5
NAGX8 110-127 V AC AR.9618.4000 zwei SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1
NAGX8 230 V AC AR.9618.5000 zwei SAFE X.4 bzw. X4.1
NAGP 24 V AC AR.9601.8000 NAGMP
NAGP 24 V AC/DC AR.9601.2000 NAGMP
NAGP 24 V DC AR.9601.9000 NAGMP
NAGP 48 V AC AR.9601.3000 NAGMP
NAGP 110-127 V AC AR.9601.4000 NAGMP
NAGP 230 V AC AR.9601.5000 NAGMP
Relevant information: partly also available with hard gold-plated contacts. Please ask for price and delivery time by hard gold-plated contacts.
All operating instructions can be found under

safety relais
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    20Safety on Bus Safety standstill monitorSAFE IL1 / IL2 / ILL / IL2 SAFE SM (OUTLOOK)Interbus INLINE devices ( emergency stop, safety gate controlling,...
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    21The replacement of EN 954-1Previously, the machine constructing engineer had, according to the EN 954-1 (safety-related parts of control systems, part...
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    22Technical data. Voltage range SAFE 1/1.1 / SAFE 2/2.1/2.2 / SAFE S.6 / SAFE 4/4.1 / SAFE M 0,9 to 1,1 UBRS-NAGV / RS-NAGT/T.1 / SAFE L/L.1 / SAFE L.2...
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    24DimensionsSAFE 1SAFE 1.1SAFE 2SAFE 2.1SAFE 2.2SAFE ZSAFE IRZ.2( 8 terminals)B[mm]SAFE 4/4.1 22,5SAFE 5/5.1 22,5SAFE C1 22,5SAFE CL 22,5SAFE CM 22,5SAFE...
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    Infos on our business division EMS (electronic manufacturing service) :. Our customers are situated in the business of engineering, automation, automotive,medical...
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    Further product line on our business division A+S (automation & safety) :Special features. 12 V relays, e.g. for vehicles, vehicle mountings We have...
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    riese electronic gmbh Industrievertretung für Automationund SicherheitJunghansstr. 16 Dr.-Riese-Str. 172160 Horb am Neckar 07937 LangenwolschendorfTelefon...
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