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The TOLMS, Transformer Oil Level Monitoring System, from Redragon
Oil & Gas Systems International Inc. is a system that can be retro-fitted
to existing degasifiers to provide a convenient means of processing oil
on energised transformers. The system is available as a factory-fitted
option on all Redragon TORS and HVD series oil treatment systems. As
a retro-fit it is complete with its own electrical enclosure containing all
electrical components and Allen-Bradley PLC.
The TOLMS allows the transformer to be conveniently topped-up with
extra oil and allows the oil hoses to be filed with oil all while connected
to the transformer – no change of hoses or moving oil-filled hoses is
Oil level monitoring is achieved via a pressure transducer that is
connected to the control panel. A graduated audio-visual alarm system
is employed. In the event of an excessive oil level decrease in the
transformer, caused by a hose rupture for example, the TOLMS will
automatically isolate the transformer drain valve prevent catastrophic
loss and transformer damage.
Regular or anticipated oil level changes caused by thermal expansion or
contraction can be simply acknowledged by means of a level reset
pushbutton on the control panel. This feature allows the instantaneous
oil level to be taken as the new reference point and deviation from this
reference point trigger the alarm.
The addition of a full-flow bypass facility on the TOLMS allows the oil
flow rate into and out of the transformer to be fully controlled from 0% to
100% of the degasifier nominal flow rate.
The TOLMS is available in a 1” version or a 1½” version, for flow rates
up to 6,000 litres per hour. Any global voltage/frequency combination is

Retro-fit TOLMS package
(middle) TOLMS flow schematic
(bottom) TOLMS overview

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Transformer Oil Level Monitoring System
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