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Recoil Wire Thread Inserts

Create Strong

New Threads

Recoil inserts and tooling systems for OEM applications

• Comprehensive technical support from our dedicated, multi-lingual

European support team.

• Commitment to the highest quality products and operating systems:

AS9100, ISO9001, QS9000, TS16949:2002 accreditation. SBAC TS 157

approval. Ford Ql status. Boeing BACI12AE qualification.

From simple hand prewinder tools for small volume

usage to pneumatic or electric tools for continual high production needs.

Recoil wire thread inserts are widely used by major manufacturers in

a variety of markets: including automotive, electronics, aerospace,

military, power generation and manufacturing equipment.

The benefits of using Recoil are:

• Provides a permanent and wear resistant thread stronger than the

original thread.

• Idealy suited for use in light weight materials such as aluminium,

magnesium and carbon fibre.

• Ex-stock availability on a huge variety of both standard and special


• Quick and simple installation process reduces maintenance costs,

keeping application downtime to a minimum.


Red Dye) ) (Tang

(Locking Chords)

For extreme vibration conditions

Locking inserts retain bolts under the most

severe conditions.


For rapid installation

Inserts are retained in a plastic strip which is

passed rapidly through a slot in the front end

assembly nozzle, indexing them to the

installation mandrel.

No tang to break off, retrieve or lose.

Reduces costs by significantly decreased

installation and inspection time. Bi-directional

design eliminates insert orientation



Recoil For OEM Applications
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    Alcoa Fastening Systems MetricSizeStandardInsert Part No.LockingInsert Part No.Installed LengthD*s mmM5-0.80505215052i5M5-0.805053150531.57.5M5-0.80505415054210M5-0.805055150552.512.5M5-0.80505615056315M6-1M6-1M6-105062050630506415062150631506411.526912M6-105065150652.515M6-10506615066318M7-1050721507217M7-105073150731.510.5M7-10507415074214M7-105075150752.517.5M7-10507615076321M8-1.25050821508218M8-1.2505083150831.512M8-1.250508415084216M8-1.2505085150852.520M8-1.250508615086324M9-1.2505092 19M9-1.2505093 1.513.5M9-1.2505094 218M9-1.2505095 2.522.5M9-1.2505096 327MlO-1.50510215102110MlO-1.505103151031.515MlO-1.50510415104220MlO-1.505105151052.525MlO-1.505106 330M12-1.750512215122112M12-1.7505123151231.518M12-1.750512415124224M12-1.7505125151252.530M12-1.750512615126336M1420514215142114M14205143151431.521M14.20514415144228M14.205145151452.535M14.20514615146342M18-2.50518215182118M18-2.505183151831.527M18-2.50518415184236M18-2.505185151852.545M18-2.50518615186354M20-2.50520215202120M20-2.505203152031.530M20-2.5M20-2.5M20-2.5M22-2.5M22-2.50520405205052060522205223152041520515206152221522322.53405060223311.5M22-2.50522415224244M22-2.505225 2.555M22-2.505226 366 TS...
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