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Ranco O Series and g Series Pressure Controls - 3 Pages

Ranco O Series
and G Series

Ranco O and G series pressure controls are designed to switch electrical loads such as contactors,relays, fans and motors in HVAC and Commercial applications in response to changes in sensed
pressure. >


Control of suction pressure in either an operating or limit control role. Medium-duty rated pressure switch for mounting in an electrical panel. Control of high side pressure in either an operating or limit control role. Bellows-operated control with fixed setpoints. Condenser fan cycling. Low (G20) and high (G23) pressure versions; automatic or manual reset (factory set). Compressor Lube Oil Protection. >

010 / 011 / 016 / 020 070 / 071

Heavy duty controller with NEMA 1 enclosure provides variety of mounting location options. Compact size and lightweight control for fixed setting pressure sensing. Hermetically welded/brazed stainless steel snap discs/pressure fittings for long term leak protection. Laser welded stainless steel bellows for extended life and accurate, precise settings. Super Cap >
capillary protection system provides ten times more protection from vibration-induced breakage than controls with traditional capillary designs. Available in close on pressure rise (O70) and open on pressure rise (O71) versions. SPST switch is watertight and environmentally sealed with epoxy resin. Setpoints are adjustable within several available ranges with fixed and adjustable differentials. Wire leads or quick-connect terminal electrical connections. >


Same features as above except low pressure suction and high pressure discharge functions are combined in one control. High pressure reset can be "field converted" between manual and automatic. >

Ranco O Series and g Series Pressure Controls
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    SPECIFICATIONS Reset Switch Control Operating Range and Differential (See table) Connection Style (See table) Typical UL...
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    J10" Hg to 100 PSIFixedK5" Hg to 100 PSI FixedFixedL100 to 450 PSI FixedFixedM5 to 100 PSI FixedFixedN12" Hg to 80 PSI5 to 38 PSIcontrol type. >2 Hermetic...
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