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AccelePort RAS® Multi-Modem Adapter High-performance multi-modem adapters offer broad compatibility and the most powerful performance available. Overview AccelePort RAS multi-modem adapters are flexible, highly scalable and cost-effective communication tools. They are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications, including remote access, data acquisition and modem pooling. AccelePort RAS adapters integrate high density analog modems supporting four or eight channels in a single slot. Multiple cards can be installed in a single server so capability can be added as system needs grow. On-board Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) provide advanced modem and fax support and maximize communications channel efficiency. Operating independently, channels support the widest range of analog clients at the highest data rate possible. AccelePort RAS leverages the communication capabilities built into an operating system. Using standard APIs, port installation and management is familiar and intuitive. These adapters facilitate simple deployment of software application solutions based on existing interfaces provided in the operating system. Application Highlight Remote Access/Fax Fax Machine Remote Laptop User Communication Server (Remote Access/Fax) Analog Analog PSTN Analog Analog AccelePort RAS® 8 Analog Remote Laptop User Remote Laptop User Remote Desktop User Features/Benefits • Up to 8 ports with full V.90 modem and fax support • 4 or 8 channels in a single PCI slot • Highly scalable system architecture – multiple cards can be installed in a single server • Flexible design based on Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) • Universal PCI bus slot supports 3.3V and 5V www.digi.com

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Visit www.digi.com for part numbers. DIGI SERVICE AND SUPPORT - You can purchase with confidence knowing that Digi is here to support you with expert technical support and a strong five-year warranty, www.digi.com/support Digi International Digi International Digi International Digi International nfo@digi.com www.digi.fr www.digi-intl.co.jp www.digi.cn Digi, Digi International, the Digi logo, AccelePort and AccelePort RAS are trademarks or registered trademarks of Digi International Inc. in the United States and other countries worldwide. All other trademarks are the property of their respective...

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